Tony Petrello Assists With Harvey Recovery

Anthony Petrello, better known as Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries Ltd. Petrello has been the CEO of this industry since October of 2011. He became CEO after holding the title of president at Nabors since the year 1991. Petrello has contributed a great deal to this company and has and continues to be a large part of the success that is achieved at the company.

Tony Petrello is an extremely credible resource at Nabors Industries. He began his path to success at Yale University. While attending Yale University, Petrello acquired his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Both of these degrees were in Mathematics. After acquiring those two degrees, Petrello then went on to get his J.D. J.D. stands for Juris Doctor degree and it is a required degree if you plan to practice law. Tony received his J.D. from the prestigious Harvard Law School and is able to practice law. Tony is great at what he does, and he seems to be a natural born leader. He has led or directed various organizations and businesses before becoming the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Before Nabors, Petrello worked with a number of companies. He spent a good amount of his career, 12 years, at one firm. In 1979 he worked with the Baker and McKenzie law firm in New York. At this firm, he worked his way up to managing partner. Today, along with being CEO of an Industry, he is also the director of some other corporations. At Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, he has been the director since early 2011. He is also the director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Incorporated, and Tony Petrello has made a great name for himself and has not been selfless during the process of his success and currently.

The devastating hurricane that recently hit Texas is more than well known. Residents in Texas lost their assets, homes, and much more. As an Industry, Petrello made the executive decision to make an effort to assist those who needed help due to Hurricane Harvey. They were a great help during hard times and were flexible with their work. They helped out wherever they were needed. Along with going to help, Petrello also matched their earnings, donating a total of 173,622 dollars to the relief benefit. Giving back to the community and assisting those in need shows the morality and kind-heartedness of the Nabors Industry.


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