Todd Lubar on the Prospects of Smart Technology

The global economy is inherently affected by the introduction of innovative forms of technology within society. Historically, the economic possibilities created by these innovations have drastically changed the overall human condition, impacting a number areas, ranging from ease of travel to lifespan. The job market is often significantly affected by changes caused by technological advances, disrupting markets by eliminating old jobs and replacing them with new, more lucrative positions. According to Todd Lubar, were are currently in the golden age of technological advances, as their impact is being felt all over the world, including in developing countries which is currently enabling them the capabilities to catch up to the western world. You can visit to see more.

According to Inspirery, Innovation is apparent in nearly all competitive markets, yet the real estate sector has been slow to implement new ideas – that is, until recently, when forward-thinking entrepreneurs such as Todd Lubar, have been combining it with the innovations developed in the tech sector. In his opinion, smart homes represent the future of the real estate industry, as the internet of things, has rapidly changed the way in which household tasks are being performed. Smart homeowners are now able to control things such as climate, lighting, and locks from remote places and those inhibited by a physical handicap are finding tasks that were difficult, or even impossible just a short time ago, able to be executed with relative ease, increasing the chances of fully independent living. Check out Medium for more.

Today, Todd Lubar is the head of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, and spends the majority of his time navigating the real estate market, pushing for greater implementation of smart technology in the home. After graduating from Syracuse University, Mr. Lubar worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, before moving on to Legacy Financial Group, where he played a prominent role in increasing their loan volume to hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Throughout his career, he has been heavily involved in several industries, primarily mortgage banking, while also dabbling in the demolition and nightclub industries. He has received a myriad of awards throughout the course of his career and was listed as one of America’s top mortgage originators for a number of years.

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