Adam Milstein and the Power of Philanthropy

Adam Milstein has an active role in the Southern California area in a wide diversity of interests.

His active position as co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council is only one of many Jewish organizations he belongs to; in addition to several groups that benefit Israeli-Jewish-American families from all over the U.S., he also belongs to an organization that distributes educational material in Hebrew to teach Jewish values to the younger generations. On top of these impressive accomplishments, Adam still finds time to participate in his many philanthropic activities as well.

Adam Milstein first came to Los Angeles as a student enrolled at the University of Southern California. His high ambitions, keen intellect, and the effervescent energy of youth soon brought him many opportunities for success. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

After graduating from USC with an MBA in financial entrepreneurship, Adam states that he received low offers of employment from companies who did not take his knowledge and experience into account. This actually turned into an opportunity for Adam, because he made the decision to start his own business in real estate investments.

Hager Pacific Properties is the successful result of his decision to pursue a career in commercial real estate, which in the Los Angeles area is a highly lucrative enterprise for the right person at the right time.

Through knowledgeable business planning, investment, and good timing, Adam Milstein built up a sizeable real estate portfolio that has also fulfilled his interests in philanthropy. By helping others in the community through his philanthropic activities and participation, Adam has found that his daily job has become more intriguing and satisfying than ever.

For Adam Milstein and for the community he serves in such a positive way, the avenues to success are mutually beneficial.