There Are Plenty Of Companies That Seek For Securus Technologies Expertise

Dedication to their values of keeping the public safe is what Securus Technologies is all about. They are constantly inventing new ways to make sure that the world is a safe place for people to live in. One of the things they are working on now is assisting correction facilities with preventing and solving crimes. They do this by using their special techniques and technologies in a way that keeps the environment safe for everyone.


When they wanted the public to understand what they do, they published an article that details their mission. They also put in comments from correction facility officials that state how much their work is appreciated and needed. Then, the company decided to invite people to the headquarters in TX to see a presentation on their latest ways of preventing and solving crime. It is sure to be interesting and exciting for the people that attend the presentation.


It is their mission to assist in any way they can, and many companies across the nation require their help. The government also enlists them to help in their correction facilities. When the company uses their videos, investigations, incident management and other techniques, they make the facility a safer place. They deal with over a million prisoners regularly. They work in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice to ensure the public’s safety. On a weekly basis, they are coming up with more and more ways to make the world a better place. They have a professional and dedicated staff that loves what they do, and they have the public’s interest in mind when they complete their mission every day throughout the year.

Eric Pulier Recognizes The Importance Of New Innovations

One of the biggest reasons he serves on the innovation board for XPRIZE is because he wants to be able to inspire other people to create their own innovations and use their ideas to bring humanity to a brighter future. Eric has made plenty of innovations for himself, starting up many companies of his own, but he gained interest in XPRIZE due to the services they offer and what they are trying to accomplish.

XPRIZE is trying to use the power of competition to held inspire people to works towards goal that would benefit the overall good of all people. Since people are highly competitive by nature, this is quite an effective method. Many people just need a goal in their sites to be inspired to reach it. By giving people a target to reach and allowing them to come up with any solution they want, regardless of who they are or where the come from, many creative and innovative people will come together to join in. XPRIZE is always looking for new potential to participate.

As a solution oriented organization, Eric Pulier knows the good he is doing by being apart of their board of innovation. This allows him to further help individuals with improving their lives as well as others. He also set out to start up his own social network for children with illnesses, known as Starbright World, to help them connect better with others and share things with each other. Anyone with chronic illnesses, but especially children, want to know they are not all alone in things.

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