The Scottsdale, Arizona Jason Hope Making a Positive Impact In The World

A philanthropist, as well as futuristic entrepreneur Jason Hope, is based in Scottsdale, AZ. His philanthropic initiatives are aimed to assist the scientific research disease cure, education, and biotechnology. At his local area, he has been committed to providing support to the local education program that motivates the students to learn more than what they learn in the classrooms. He has also given financials assistance to other organizations that focuses on the handling the diseases prevention, treatment as well as control.

One of the organizations that Jason Hope has given financial support is the SENS Foundation by donating $500, 000 to Foundation initiatives. SENS Foundation deals with researching and developing a revolutionizing medicine. The reason that Jason Hope is interested in the Foundation work is because of it focuses on coming up with new ways to treat the chronic ailments. He insists that the conventional medicine is not doing enough because they try to ease side effect of the disease instead of preventing and curing the diseases. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is based in Cambridge.

Another Foundation that Jason Hope has given financial support includes the Andre Agassi Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, Leukemia, Boys and Girls of metropolitan Phoenix as well as True Colors. He also serves in Arizona Science Center as a member of Director.

Jason Hope has been known to be unconventional when it comes to the technology. His main aim is an aspect such as research as well as development. He works with inventors and business leaders by providing informed insight about technology in various areas such as the development of the mobile applications, gaming software and desktop software that can be used to improve the future of human well-being. Hope has partnered with other organizations to bring about new technology and carry research on technological infrastructure.

Jason Hope has special interest about certain areas of technology, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT). He believes that because newer devices are being produced every day and that these devices are connected to the world through wireless technology, the term IoT will continues rise in popularity as people recognize the importance and impact of IoT. He believes that the future lies on the Internet of Things.

A Review of Doug Levitt’s Unique Way of Highlighting American Poverty

There is an established tradition within the US whereby artistes crisscross the country for sightseeing purposes. This is often done with the aim of understanding the history of the American subcontinent, and the inhabitants of different regions. This is a tradition that often comes into play whenever America is facing a national crisis. During such situations, all Americans are often bond together but a common crisis irrespective of their location or background.

Doug Levitt decided to explore America in a different way altogether. When he embarked on a project known as “The Greyhound Diaries”, his aim was to highlight inherent poverty, which affects all parts of the US. He captured his expedition through photography, authorship and music. Levitt’s decision to take a different course was inspired by the fact that those who have ventured out have consistently failed to address real problems that face local communities. Through the Greyhound Diaries, Levitt has successfully managed to capture the attention and imagination of the entire nation.

Despite the fact that Levitt took a totally different path to carry out his exploration, his message resonates well with millions of Americans. Being a musician, he has also become synonymous for penning inspirational songs. Some of his songs talk about the experiences that he had while traversing the US on the Greyhound buses.

A Synopsis of Doug Levitt

The Washington native studied at the London School of Economics and Cornell University. During his childhood, his mother was a local politician and activist. The lessons that he received from her have helped mold him into the man that he is today. At Woodrow High School, Doug’s music and photography talent was discovered and nurtured.

Living in London while working as a CNN reporter, opened his eyes to social injustices. During his singing career Doug has had the opportunity of working with David Henry, a celebrated producer. Along the success that he has had on the musical arena, Doug has made a name for himself as a consummate activist.

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