JHSF Boss José AuriemoNeto Leads the Firm to Monumental Growth

JHSF is a Brazilian real estate firm that has develops high-end property aimed at the highest income earners in the society. JHSF invests in commercial and residential property. They also develop executive internal airports, upscale restaurants as well as upscale shopping centers. JHSF has developed and manages numerous hotels and restaurants in the world, but more so in Brazil. The intention of JHSF is to make the Brazilian real estate market fertile for investment by high-income earners individuals and multinationals. They also aim to exploit the opportunity available in the Brazilian real estate sector since no other company is able to put up investments similar to what JHSF is doing. Through their investment, they have been able to attract foreign investors into the country helps in boosting the economy.

JHSF was started in 1972. Since then it has been able to steer the Brazilian real estate sector into a direction of high potential. Despite being in the market for almost 4 decades now, JHSF is still making more and more progress and does not hope to relent anytime soon. They want to make more and more investments that will see them become a force in the real estate not only in Brazil but the whole world.

JHSF has been able to invest in numerous projects with no failure. It has been able to concentrate its operations in a few cities in Brazil where they have been able to concur everyone in the real estate sector. For efficient and good business operations,

JHSF has been subdivided into a number of units. There are malls, hotels, and restaurants, international airports and corporations. The company has been trying to revolutionize its business by engaging in projects that result in recurring income for the company. This is a project that will see the company generate more revenue for its operations. JHSF although privately owned is contributing greatly in boosting the economy of the country by attracting a huge number of investors into the country.

Under the leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto, the company has recorded massive gains. It has also undertaken some of the biggest investments in the real estate in the history of Brazil.

Town Residential Opens Its 10th Outlet

Town Residential, a fast-growing firm in New York City, has opened its 10th office within a period of three years since it was started. The new office will be located in Manhattan, and it will make it easier for clients to access the neighborhoods situated in Hudson.


According to the Town Residential’s CEO, Andrew Heiberger, the new office will make it more convenient for brokers to take their clients for viewing along the Hudson, which is known for having the best neighborhoods in New York City. The company has secured the entire second floor of 446W space in a deal that was signed by Andrew and his team of managers. The deal, which will last for 15 years, is expected to increase the space for workers and clients. Heiberger expects an increase in the morale of the workers due to the improved working conditions associated with the new development.


In recent weeks, the company has opened several offices in locations believed to be epicenters of high quality residential apartments. The owner of the new building is Thor Equities, who is a co-investor in Town Residential. The company owns large spaces in the city.


About Town Residential


Town Residential is one of the largest real estate companies operating within New York City and Miami. The company has built a name for itself as a provider of world class real estate apartments and high-quality customer service.


The company values integrity and honesty in its dealings. Since it started its operations in the city, there has been no complaint from clients, workers or the government. Its employees are trained well to offer services for the real world, with the aim of providing a great experience to clients. At the top of the company’s hierarchy is a group of brilliant people led by Andres Heiberger, the founder and CEO. At the flanks of its leadership is Thor Equities’ Joseph Sit as the co-chairman.


Town Residential is a major player in New York’s real estate industry. It is behind a number of mega projects in New York. The company has also tapped into Miami’s rich real estate landscape. It is currently in charge of beautiful buildings such as Carranza at Edgewater, Gran Paradiso and Jade Signature.


A single day at the company is a game-changing experience for buyers and sellers. Buyers have access to efficient equipment that enable them get the house they want. Sellers are also treated to some of the best pricing advice at the premises. Town Residential is a firm that values its employees.