PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Has Announced Launch of Raven Effect

This Raven Effect is going to be a part of The Jericho Network. Former WWE star Scott “Raven” Levy is behind the Raven Effect. This will move on to PodcastOne, which is the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in the nation today. This will be a weekly podcast. Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Chris Jericho is a PodcastOne host as well as wrestling superstar. The Raven Effect will be telecast Under The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne. It will feature a number of discussions that will be on current events, conspiracies, besides pop culture, politics, as well as pet peeves and simply anything else that Raven can possibly think of.



Some episodes of The Raven Effect will feature friends, besides enemies, all those know-it-alls besides the know-nothings.  Hence it will be a fun-centric hour. It is available right now. There will be new episodes each Monday on PodcastOne.com, besides on the PodcastOne app as well as on iTunes.



PodcastOne Founder as well as Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz feels that Chris has been able to brilliantly master this fine balancing of wrestling content along with other topics that include music and sports. He is able to manage the great new show called Beyond the Darkness too. This is a show that focuses on the paranormal. Hence he is expecting that The Raven Effect is going to be just another winner for The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne. [http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-launch-of-wwe-star-scott-levys-raven-effect-on-the-network-300416486.html].



Jericho is simply too excited with having The Raven Effect as the new hit show on The Jericho Network. This is also because he has known Raven for decades. He knows that Raven is funny, intelligent, and so ridiculous, sarcastic, but totally entertaining. This fits in so well with The Jericho Network. This is going to be just another successful show here and soon to be followed by a number of new programs that are going to rock.



New podcast series have regularly debuted under this partnering of production and distribution besides product marketing.



Norman Pattiz has founded Westwood One. Under his leadership it became the largest radio network in America. It has become a provider of news, and sports, entertainment, besides talk and traffic programs to the Broadcasting Industry.

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