How the Digital Showroom has Helped Fabletics Grow

Today’s consumer has more research options than ever before making a buying decision. Many consumers will research several products and read multiple reviews before making something as simple as what brand of coffee to buy. Having a reverse showroom allows your target buyer to do all of their research in one place, on the terms you would like to set.


Fabletics has become the brand to model after when considering a reverse showroom technique. The women’s athletic wear company was founded by actress, Kate Hudson, and was specifically designed to build itself around the reverse showroom strategy. Parent company, TechStyle Group, is a veteran in the world of e-commerce companies for women.


Traditional showrooms, or retail locations, have a great deal of expense to account for before they even open their doors. Building space or leasing space is the largest expense and many others add up in a traditional showroom. Reverse showrooms allow companies, especially startups with modest funding, to get a foot in the door without a lot of initial overhead.


Fabletics has mastered the reverse showroom strategy and then gone above and beyond. The company website feels like an online community. It feels like entering a store through your computer. There is a heavy focus on social media engagement. This makes it feel almost like a true online community of other lovers of Fabletics.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the face and the lifeblood of Fabletics. While many people believe she is simply the spokesperson, she is integrally involved in day to day operations at the company. She owns the entire vision for social media and advertising strategy and works with the creative team to develop content. She also studies sales data to make sure she is always in the loop with how Fabletics items are resonating with its member base. While she says her first love will always be acting, she plans to continue her role with Fabletics as the company grows to a global entity.


Lifestyle Quiz

Fabletics offers a unique LifeStyle Quiz designed to give every visitor to its website a unique customer experience. The quiz is just a few short questions. These questions are things like what type of workout you enjoy, if you enjoy working out indoors or outdoors, and your fashion choices. The results of the quiz create a unique customer experience designed to meet your needs.

The Growth of Fabletics in America and Beyond

Fabletics is the brand that just keeps on growing. It is big in America, and this company is growing in other areas like Spain, France, Canada and Australia. It has slowly been building a fan base that continues to move up in the ranks. It is a brand that builds a customer base that is strong around the world. That is why it may be able to successfully compete with Amazon.


While Jeff Bezos is opening physical stores like the grocery store called Go, Kate Hudson is opening up more of the brick and mortar stores. This is possible because Kate Hudson has already had a big crowd online, and this has allowed her to really look at the way that people are demanding more from physical stores.


For Kate there has been an assessment of all the people that were interested in physical stores. She knew that there were people out there that wanted to touch and feel. This is what has allowed her to successfully open more stores and build a better brand with Fabletics. People that buy clothes may opt for online methods, but this does not always work out. Sometimes it just all comes down to trying on the clothes before you make the decision to buy. This is why consumers are anticipating the online transition to the physical stores. They have the ability to shop and feel what they are buying. When it comes to clothes there are a lot of people that are going to want to spend their money only when they try clothes on.


It makes sense for try clothes on before a business is made, and Kate is trying to cater to all of those that are looking for this as a possibility. She is showing a lot of people that Fabletics is the company that is moving into a leadership position because the brand stays innovative. There are clothes that Kate Hudson is helping to design. There are clothes that are being designed by Demi Lovato that are part of the Fabletics brand. All of this makes Fabletics a stronger company than Amazon when it comes to athletic clothing.


Jeff Bezos may be holding things down in every other spot, but Kate Hudson has managed to take over when it comes to athletic clothing. She has done great things for this brand that was merely a newcomer 10 years ago.

Fabletics is the Future of Fashion

The latest phase of the fashion industry, which is fast fashion, has apparently reached its peak and will soon start to fade out. While fast fashion has offered people some really interesting and unique pieces of fashion for the longest time, the market is changing and many of the stores that offer fast fashion are going to have to adapt so that it can keep up with the changes. One of the ways that the market is changing is that more people are going online to do their shopping. Therefore, businesses that capitalize on this are going to have more of a chance at survival.


With Fabletics, the advantage is plenty. For one thing, it is not merely a business that has went online. It is actually a business that not only has started online but has also adopted a business model that is very promising when it comes to keeping its customers. For one thing, it is the returning customer that is going to give the brand its success. This is one of the reasons that it has made sure that it shows the customers that they are valued. They start off trying to get to know the customer so that she will feel welcome while shopping.


With all of this talk on the business model and customer care, it is important to talk about the main reason people would want to visit any type of fashion retailer. The fashion that is offered in these stores is the main draw, and Fabletics wants to make sure that they are not just selling clothes, but very unique and flattering clothing. When people buy clothes at Fabletics, they buy an upgrade to their image for multiple aspects of their lives.


Given that Fabletics is mainly online, they do everything they can to make sure that the customer is getting a good look at the products. Therefore, they always show the front and the back of the product so that the customer will see all of the unique styles and methods of putting together the piece of clothing. One thing they will realize is that these items feel every bit as unique as they look.

Fabletics Continues to Succeed

Fabletics, by the actress Kate Hudson, currently is battling with Amazon for a space in their activewear development. Fabletics, as a part of the activewear development, uses a membership mechanic to sell their clothing to their clients. Clients, such as Fabletic’s clients, like brands that are optimistic and that help the individual aspire. When this is combined with things like comfort as well as a membership, this results in a great combination.


Kate Hudson has achieved a brand full if high esteem that is also characterized by the nature of the services as well as the cost. Kate Hudson also continues to make sure that other factors that are important to the customers are also represented. This includes designs that are exclusive to Fabletics, recognition of the brand, amazing customer service and so much more.


Fabletics is able to offer their customers services that are customized at a cost that is half as much as the competitors. Fabletics realizes that it is easier to make others happy when you not only understand and recognize what they want but also who they are. Fabletics using the reverse showroom model where they continuously make sure that browsing is a positive experience. The system that they use allows them to be able to build relationships with their clients, have their clients depend on them and even become better acquainted with different local markets through different exercises and different occasions.


This experience of co-founding Fabletics has been a winning exercise for Kate Hudson. Fabletics has grown significantly in just four years after opening. Those who are members of Fabletics receive shorts or pants and a sports bra each month for just $49, and the chosen outfit is dependent on their style preferences. Fabletics started and has succeeded with the idea of offering their clients a personalized experience and fashion that is always on-trend for half of what the competitors cost.


Athleisure apparel is a continual growing trend. A lot of the trend is grown by the millennials due to the fact that they tend to be more health conscious and they have standards that are more relaxed when it comes to clothes, even while in the work place. Fabletics not only tracks their clients preferences, they also have continually predicted the future demand with much accuracy. This is why Fabletics isn’t threatened by places like Target and Walmart lowering the prices of their active wear.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Redefining Online Retail

When movie star Kate Hudson launched her athletic apparel brand Fabletics in 2013, it seemed to many like just another Hollywood celebrity putting her name on a product. However, the company is currently worth over $250 million and Hudson has established herself as a fierce entrepreneur who is unafraid to take risks.


When customers visit the Fabletics website, they can choose from hundreds of athletic apparel items. The brand is known for its large variety of sports bras and leggings that come in different styles, colors and patterns. Additionally, the store carries jersey dresses, jackets and gym bags that have high-fashion appeal.


What makes Fabletics unique is that it operates as a subscription service as well. Customers who shop on the company’s website are encouraged to join the VIP membership program. Then, at the beginning of every month, they are sent a complete workout outfit in the mail for a monthly fee of $49.95.


When Joanie and Heather of received their first outfits in the mail, they were thrilled to see that Fabletics selected outfits that perfectly reflected their personal styles. They also noted that Fabletics clothing is comfortable and built to endure intense workout sessions.


When Hudson launched a handful of physical Fabletics stores across the country a couple of years back, she did so using the “reverse showroom” strategy. Instead of relying on physical stores to earn additional revenue, she uses these stores to bring more sales to the website. About 30 to 50 percent of customers who walk into a Fabletics store are already VIP members who want to try on pieces in person. Approximately 25 percent of customers who purchase an item in a store end up becoming VIP members before they leave. When a customer tries on an item in the dressing room, that item is added to their online Fabletics shopping cart.


The strategy is paying off. Fabletics continues to grow tremendously each year. Hudson is planning to launch several more Fabletics stores across the United States and overseas over the next five or so years. The company is doing so well that Fabletics is selling more than Amazon’s fashion apparel outlet. It’s obvious that Kate Hudson is an entrepreneur at heart.

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