Bob Reina Continues to Empower Effective Communication.

Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina after a failed attempt at communication. In 2004 he had tried to communicate through email using a video, which at the time was a technological impossibility. Stymied in his attempt to share his idea, Bob Reina, after collaboration with Jonathan Chen, created his first product and Talk Fusion was born.

Enabling the effective communication of ideas has been steering the company since its inception in 2007 and has led to innovations that have changed the way companies communicate.

Talk Fusion’s recent enhancement to their Live Meeting software is the latest development of Bob Reina and his team. Already a market leader in video meeting and presentation software, Live Meeting has updated its interface and harnessed the power of WebRTC technology, which allows video transmission directly through a web browser, eliminating the need for additional plug-in software (like Adobe Flash) for viewing video files, helping corporate meetings and presentations start on time and with a minimum amount of fuss. Talk Fusion has also addressed and reduced the “echo” that tends to accompany these types of software packages.

A dedicated philanthropist, Bob Reina also allows non-profit organizations to take advantage of this software, enabling them to easily take advantage of effective video communications. While Mr. Reina is a dedicated animal lover and is well known for his contributions to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, he provides the opportunity for each associate to donate a Video Suite to the non-profit of their choice. As a former police officer turned entrepreneur, Bob Reina knows the importance of community involvement and support and Talk Fusion will continue to allow non-profit organizations to effectively spread their message.

With software products ranging from video email to presentations transmitted to hundreds, Bob Reina and Talk Fusion will continue to develop effective ways to express and send a corporate (or non-profit) message. Learn more:




Sawyer Howitt: Financial Maestro

Sawyer Howitt is someone with a bright future ahead of them. He is a person filled with energy and talent. His charisma has enabled him the ability to open doors several people thought never would have been possible. In addition, Sawyer Howitt is a mastermind. Aside from him being business savvy, his interpersonal skills are equally impressive. While most seniors in high school are preparing for college, Sawyer has something else in mind as well. Currently, he is the project manager at Meriwether Group. See:

Meriwether Group is a company set on providing their clients with a strategic plan of action. Several entrepreneurs and businesses managers have benefited from their services. Overall, Sawyer Howitt is a solid individual and a perfect candidate for Meriwether Group. As busy as he is, Sawyer still finds time to better serve the community. In particular, he has been an ally to the women’s rights movement a mentor to at-risk youth. After high school, Sawyer has it all figured out. When he graduates, Sawyer Howitt is considering obtaining a degree from Columbia University. In particular, he wants to major in Entrepreneurial Finance. With that being said, Sawyer has brought hope to his peers and is an inspiration to many.