Oncotarget Provides Revolutionary Methodologies for Cancer and Disease Treatment through Weekly Publications

Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal. It focuses on the dissemination of information regarding cancer and all treatments as well as therapies available in the medical field. The book also focuses on educating physicians and the society about the protocols employed to achieve an improved health care system for cancer treatment and the patients. Oncotarget capitalizes on the effects of cancer management programs to patients and the quality of life. It also highlights the importance of adherence to treatment by patients. With cancer being the prominent and fast killing medical problem, Oncotarget highlights the measures taken by scientists, researchers, and donors to solve the issue. It explores the available evidence regarding modern treatment. All this is based on improving cancer treatment. It seeks to define the usage of these treatments for ultimate patient care. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.


Oncotarget publishes articles related to cancer and the available modern treatments. The easily accessible multidisciplinary conventional journal is free. This means that all societies can join the fight against cancer. Additionally, the articles can be printed on demand. The mission of Oncotarget and the authors involved in editing and publishing is evident. Scientists like Mikhail Blagosklonny, the co-editor, make all information readily available for users. The parties also focus on maximizing the effects of cancer research through insightful review.


With Oncotarget, there is the fast sharing of exceptional discoveries. It also bridges the gap between patients, physicians and the different strains of diseases. For medical practitioners, Oncotarget has contributed to the linking of various medical fields. With this link, it is easy to find available medical solutions. This is because of the merged efforts in research. Through the guidance of many prominent and qualified scientists, Oncotarget promotes the application of available, basic, and clinical science in disease fighting. The journal has continuously helped scientists to contribute to the development of science. The ultimate achievement of the support team for Oncotarget is having a disease-free society. With this focus, researchers have collectively developed therapies like TOR Signaling to battle cancer and age-related diseases. Oncotarget is on a mission to provide the society with revolutionary information on disease control, treatment and therapies.

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