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Norman Pattiz did America and the whole world at large a great favor by coming up with PodcastOne which has stood out to be the best and the leading advertisement station. Research has been done to show that PodcastOne is the leading station in advertisement and the results came out very positively. Proving that most of the brands promoted through this channel have got a lot of buyers in the market. This expresses that most people rely very much on this station and it is dependable and easy to access. You find that even the high profile personnel such as Dr. Drew Pinsky and Ron Paul have a unique platform in PodcastOne. It has a unique way of advertising products because that’s what Norman has put his focus. Norman is still the founder of Westwood One that has become the paramount radio station in news and sports and various programs. Learn more:

It is currently four years since PodcastOne came to be and it has portrayed a lot of advancement in the communication sectors. This station is improving now and then thus gaining a lot of confidence from its customers because it’s becoming more reliable. Norman has done his best to have this station get to where it is today. He believes in perfection and exploiting his passion, and he doesn’t just file his ideas and keep them on the shelves, but he goes on and takes the risk in implementing the plans. That’s the way he was able to come up with PordcastOne just out of a mere idea, and he also felt the desire to digitalize the audio media sector.

To achieve our dreams we all need mentors and people we can look up to so Norman did not miss this lesson he had some mentors one of them being Bill Paley and three other well-known paramount people in the media development. Unfortunately, these mentors all have passed on but the lessons Pattiz got from them has never been erased from his mind. He doesn’t like average performance, but he goes for excellence. His efforts to support and manage podcast one this far has shown that he is not a mediocre person.

Norman has played a significant role in developing the communication sector, and his hard work never went unnoticed. He was appointed and reappointed by the two presidents of America George Bush and President Clinton to work in the national Broadcasting Board. His commitment made him receive the Giants of Broadcasting Awareness.