Highland Capital Management Is Betting On Pendrell Corporation’s New Technologies

Hedge fund managers often struggle with important choices when they allocate their funds’ money among several categories of investments. Many hedge funds are investing a lot of money in information technology. In fact, information technology companies are sought after commodities in the hedge fund world. But there are several different kinds of information technologies companies in the industry these days. Finding one that can produce consistent profits in an industry that is changing at warp speed is the challenge. James Dondero, the President and manager of Highland Capital Management’s hedge fund, does a lot of research before he invests in information technology companies. But Dondero recently pulled the trigger in the IT sector, and he invested in Pendrell Corporation.

Kirkland, Washington-based Pendrell Corporation is an active intellectual property license. Pendrell represents more than 1,200 patents in the information technology sector. Those patent are mainly focused on electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and other retail products. Pendrell is primarily a research and development company that buys other businesses that have interesting and unique technologies, and then offers their protected intellectual rights to the global marketplace. Dondero saw the potential in Pendrell, so Highland Capital Management bought a 6.5 percent stake in the company. Dondero bought another 11 percent stake in Pendrell, so the combined number of shares owned by Highland Capital and Dondero is more than 37 million.

The investment in Pendrell is a typical investment for Highland Capital. Dondero invested more than $4 billion in Argentina when he decided to buy debt bonds. Many of Dondero’s peers thought he was crazy when he made the first purchase of Argentina’s bonds in 2014, but the investment paid off for his partners. Dondero bought another sizable amount of Argentina bonds in 2016 when the new president of the country got the green light from the international bond market to sell them. Dondero believes the investment in Argentina and the investment in Pendrell Corporation will produce decent returns in 2016.

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Communicating with video messages

The Internet has disrupted many different industries and changed the ways that businesses operate. One of the main benefits for workers and businesses is the ability to communicate with one another from virtually anywhere. While telephones and emails have always made this process somewhat possible, a new generation of computer programs have greatly expanded on the options for communicating for those in the workplace.

This means that workers can increasingly work from home or in different states yet still retain interactions that make for one company culture and community without having key employees leave the company. International communication options as well as training sessions with both customers and vendors can both improve efficiency and revenues.

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that allows businesses to communicate via teleconferencing, broadcasting conferences, and even connecting to various social media websites. With Talk Fusion Emails with videos embedded in them become a real thing and greatly improve on the quality and effectiveness of communications. Branded videos can be sent through emails that are personalized or general depending on the desired recipient of the message.

For businesses looking to add video capability and professionalism to their internal and external communications this is a small price to pay and one that reaps the aforementioned benefits. In addition to those benefits are reporting analytics that can provide valuable information to a company using Talk Fusion to understand the benefits that the service imparts to them.


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Kenneth Goodgame Creates Success Wherever he goes

Kenneth Goodgame is a sales and retail, merchandising expert. He employs smart business strategy combined with streamlined financial oversight to help create OEM excellence worth millions and billions of dollars. Kenneth Goodgame delivers a balance of quality assurance systems, key performance indicators, employee engagement and corporate alignment to enable profitability and improved performance. Goodgame’s extensive experience gave him the unique ability to identify market trends and retail shifts and make the necessary adjustments and avoid mistakes that could be costly.

Goodgame’s educational background included earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He began his career in retail as a purchasing manager for indoor garden inventory and managed a 20% growth in sales. He oversaw annual store openings while training store managers and sales associates for the new stores. He negotiated with vendors securing contracts for merchandise, as well as product placement in stores. He also developed very successful product branding and management programs that led to the capture of significant market shares.

He utilized his education and successfully managed and directed major retail corporations resulting in growth and expansion. He developed multi-year comprehensive plans leading to long term growth while retaining a stable retail market place. Goodgame also built and re-built management and sales teams and sparked greater sales with his effort. Goodgame successfully implemented merchandise rebate programs that increased sales both financially and number of units sold.

Goodgame’s marketing flair and expertise led him to always seek new challenges through each move in his employment maneuvering. He turned around underachieving sales teams and brought greater exposure to retail programs. He developed and launched national trade campaigns for television and print media generating millions in sales. He identified appropriate companies and products for acquisition and integrated them into existing retail stores.

One of Goodgame’s greatest success stories is with True Value Hardware Stores. As senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Mr. Goodgame managed global purchasing and active inventory SKU’s. He is responsible for category management, merchandising investment, pricing management and visual inventory productivity.
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