Ricardo Tosta and His Company

In a current case, Paulo Guilherme Lopes and Rodrigo Eduardo Quadrante are defending the interests of a large financial group in the bankruptcy process of another bank, and a judge in Rio de Janeiro ruled that the client did not have an adequate guarantee portfolio of the institution Financial loss, generating a burden of more than US $ 35 million.

Charles Gruenberg, now the CFO’s office, is also highly recognized for his stellar performance in the court; According to a client he and Lopes “are committed and focused on results, they know the shortcuts and how to get deals.” Jorge Nemr is prominent and recognized by international litigation. Clients especially praise the area of consumer law of the office, described as “extremely organized, efficient and agile”; Thais Oliveira was promoted in 2012.

In the corporate area, Flavio Maldonado, who has a distinguished career in legal departments of various banking institutions, focuses his work in the area of financial and capital markets, although José Maria Meirelles is now working in a smaller office.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a lawyer recommended by LACCA Approved, a research conducted by a partner association of Latin Lawyer, the Latin American Association of Corporate Law. He has proven himself again and again as worthy of being a strong lawyer, and his firm is one of the top law firms in Brazil.


There Are Plenty Of Companies That Seek For Securus Technologies Expertise

Dedication to their values of keeping the public safe is what Securus Technologies is all about. They are constantly inventing new ways to make sure that the world is a safe place for people to live in. One of the things they are working on now is assisting correction facilities with preventing and solving crimes. They do this by using their special techniques and technologies in a way that keeps the environment safe for everyone.


When they wanted the public to understand what they do, they published an article that details their mission. They also put in comments from correction facility officials that state how much their work is appreciated and needed. Then, the company decided to invite people to the headquarters in TX to see a presentation on their latest ways of preventing and solving crime. It is sure to be interesting and exciting for the people that attend the presentation.


It is their mission to assist in any way they can, and many companies across the nation require their help. The government also enlists them to help in their correction facilities. When the company uses their videos, investigations, incident management and other techniques, they make the facility a safer place. They deal with over a million prisoners regularly. They work in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice to ensure the public’s safety. On a weekly basis, they are coming up with more and more ways to make the world a better place. They have a professional and dedicated staff that loves what they do, and they have the public’s interest in mind when they complete their mission every day throughout the year.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. (IAP) has decided to acquire two business units from DRS Technologies Company’s Tactical Communications & Network Solution business unit situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The company has also purchased the Aviation and Logistics business unit located in Oklahoma City, OK. The Aviation and Logistics business unit provide mission support services, aircraft repair management, and logistics. The Technical Communications business unit provides information technology, engineering services, and communication support solutions to the Defense Department of the United States and other corporate agencies under their jurisdiction. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. will integrate the two businesses on start.cortera.com to provide a unique talent and capability as part of their long-term growth strategy.

This acquisition will propel the company’s capability and increase their problem-solving criterion to deliver the best to their worldwide customers. As a matter of fact, IAP Worldwide Services will have a greater size in their addressable market. For the company to work as a single entity, the acquired businesses are integrated into a single unit to provide a powerful tool. The existing National Security program unity is the Aviation and Engineering Solutions.

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CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., Doug Kitani, says that the company is delighted about the addition of this communication, aviation, and networking business technologies from DRS. They will form a natural fit into the system. For the company to expand their solutions and portfolio of services, they saw the great need to acquire these services from DRS. One of the main clients of the company is the United States Defense Department.

Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., also says that they have an established strategy to develop a customer-focused discipline based on their organic growth. While IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. works on their core innovation services to governments, they will realize inorganic growth through integrating and acquiring companies that complete their core values. This acquisition will demonstrate the support experienced by investors and board members. Therefore, they have a long-term commitment towards serving their clients.

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading global service firm with over six decades of professional experience. The company provides a broad range of solutions and services to the United States and other government agencies. It is a high-end leader in program management and logistics.

Reference: https://www.iapws.com/

FreedomPop Provides Free Services

The internet has come a long way from dialing up on a modem to enjoy the service. For one thing, a lot of sites will load quickly as opposed to having to wait minutes for the site to finish loading like back in the earlier days of internet. However, some people have been met with certain frustrations when it comes to the internet. There were some people that believed that internet should be free. Fortunately, there is a service provider that has taken the time to make sure that there is a way to get internet for free. This service carrier is FreedomPop.

One thing that FreedomPop offers is a free service. The free service offers a small amount of internet for users at around 500MB. This is considered small for users that want to stream music. However, one must remember that this service is free and is a much better deal than what other services offer. People have the chance to increase the service they get with FreedomPop. There are some services that people can pay for in order to get more services. These services are still inexpensive compared to what other carriers offer. There is also the unlimited services that people get.

One plan that FreedomPop has is the Unlimited Talk And Text package that people can use for $20 per month. This will help people save money while keeping in touch with others. However, the internet usage is something that people will have to deal with when it comes to FreedomPop. They do offer pretty low amounts of data. However, they also offer their services at low prices.

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Town Residential Opens Its 10th Outlet

Town Residential, a fast-growing firm in New York City, has opened its 10th office within a period of three years since it was started. The new office will be located in Manhattan, and it will make it easier for clients to access the neighborhoods situated in Hudson.


According to the Town Residential’s CEO, Andrew Heiberger, the new office will make it more convenient for brokers to take their clients for viewing along the Hudson, which is known for having the best neighborhoods in New York City. The company has secured the entire second floor of 446W space in a deal that was signed by Andrew and his team of managers. The deal, which will last for 15 years, is expected to increase the space for workers and clients. Heiberger expects an increase in the morale of the workers due to the improved working conditions associated with the new development.


In recent weeks, the company has opened several offices in locations believed to be epicenters of high quality residential apartments. The owner of the new building is Thor Equities, who is a co-investor in Town Residential. The company owns large spaces in the city.


About Town Residential


Town Residential is one of the largest real estate companies operating within New York City and Miami. The company has built a name for itself as a provider of world class real estate apartments and high-quality customer service.


The company values integrity and honesty in its dealings. Since it started its operations in the city, there has been no complaint from clients, workers or the government. Its employees are trained well to offer services for the real world, with the aim of providing a great experience to clients. At the top of the company’s hierarchy is a group of brilliant people led by Andres Heiberger, the founder and CEO. At the flanks of its leadership is Thor Equities’ Joseph Sit as the co-chairman.


Town Residential is a major player in New York’s real estate industry. It is behind a number of mega projects in New York. The company has also tapped into Miami’s rich real estate landscape. It is currently in charge of beautiful buildings such as Carranza at Edgewater, Gran Paradiso and Jade Signature.


A single day at the company is a game-changing experience for buyers and sellers. Buyers have access to efficient equipment that enable them get the house they want. Sellers are also treated to some of the best pricing advice at the premises. Town Residential is a firm that values its employees.

A Review of Doug Levitt’s Unique Way of Highlighting American Poverty

There is an established tradition within the US whereby artistes crisscross the country for sightseeing purposes. This is often done with the aim of understanding the history of the American subcontinent, and the inhabitants of different regions. This is a tradition that often comes into play whenever America is facing a national crisis. During such situations, all Americans are often bond together but a common crisis irrespective of their location or background.

Doug Levitt decided to explore America in a different way altogether. When he embarked on a project known as “The Greyhound Diaries”, his aim was to highlight inherent poverty, which affects all parts of the US. He captured his expedition through photography, authorship and music. Levitt’s decision to take a different course was inspired by the fact that those who have ventured out have consistently failed to address real problems that face local communities. Through the Greyhound Diaries, Levitt has successfully managed to capture the attention and imagination of the entire nation.

Despite the fact that Levitt took a totally different path to carry out his exploration, his message resonates well with millions of Americans. Being a musician, he has also become synonymous for penning inspirational songs. Some of his songs talk about the experiences that he had while traversing the US on the Greyhound buses.

A Synopsis of Doug Levitt

The Washington native studied at the London School of Economics and Cornell University. During his childhood, his mother was a local politician and activist. The lessons that he received from her have helped mold him into the man that he is today. At Woodrow High School, Doug’s music and photography talent was discovered and nurtured.

Living in London while working as a CNN reporter, opened his eyes to social injustices. During his singing career Doug has had the opportunity of working with David Henry, a celebrated producer. Along the success that he has had on the musical arena, Doug has made a name for himself as a consummate activist.

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Highland Capital Management Is Betting On Pendrell Corporation’s New Technologies

Hedge fund managers often struggle with important choices when they allocate their funds’ money among several categories of investments. Many hedge funds are investing a lot of money in information technology. In fact, information technology companies are sought after commodities in the hedge fund world. But there are several different kinds of information technologies companies in the industry these days. Finding one that can produce consistent profits in an industry that is changing at warp speed is the challenge. James Dondero, the President and manager of Highland Capital Management’s hedge fund, does a lot of research before he invests in information technology companies. But Dondero recently pulled the trigger in the IT sector, and he invested in Pendrell Corporation.

Kirkland, Washington-based Pendrell Corporation is an active intellectual property license. Pendrell represents more than 1,200 patents in the information technology sector. Those patent are mainly focused on electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and other retail products. Pendrell is primarily a research and development company that buys other businesses that have interesting and unique technologies, and then offers their protected intellectual rights to the global marketplace. Dondero saw the potential in Pendrell, so Highland Capital Management bought a 6.5 percent stake in the company. Dondero bought another 11 percent stake in Pendrell, so the combined number of shares owned by Highland Capital and Dondero is more than 37 million.

The investment in Pendrell is a typical investment for Highland Capital. Dondero invested more than $4 billion in Argentina when he decided to buy debt bonds. Many of Dondero’s peers thought he was crazy when he made the first purchase of Argentina’s bonds in 2014, but the investment paid off for his partners. Dondero bought another sizable amount of Argentina bonds in 2016 when the new president of the country got the green light from the international bond market to sell them. Dondero believes the investment in Argentina and the investment in Pendrell Corporation will produce decent returns in 2016.

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Communicating with video messages

The Internet has disrupted many different industries and changed the ways that businesses operate. One of the main benefits for workers and businesses is the ability to communicate with one another from virtually anywhere. While telephones and emails have always made this process somewhat possible, a new generation of computer programs have greatly expanded on the options for communicating for those in the workplace.

This means that workers can increasingly work from home or in different states yet still retain interactions that make for one company culture and community without having key employees leave the company. International communication options as well as training sessions with both customers and vendors can both improve efficiency and revenues.

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that allows businesses to communicate via teleconferencing, broadcasting conferences, and even connecting to various social media websites. With Talk Fusion Emails with videos embedded in them become a real thing and greatly improve on the quality and effectiveness of communications. Branded videos can be sent through emails that are personalized or general depending on the desired recipient of the message.

For businesses looking to add video capability and professionalism to their internal and external communications this is a small price to pay and one that reaps the aforementioned benefits. In addition to those benefits are reporting analytics that can provide valuable information to a company using Talk Fusion to understand the benefits that the service imparts to them.


Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?


Kenneth Goodgame Creates Success Wherever he goes

Kenneth Goodgame is a sales and retail, merchandising expert. He employs smart business strategy combined with streamlined financial oversight to help create OEM excellence worth millions and billions of dollars. Kenneth Goodgame delivers a balance of quality assurance systems, key performance indicators, employee engagement and corporate alignment to enable profitability and improved performance. Goodgame’s extensive experience gave him the unique ability to identify market trends and retail shifts and make the necessary adjustments and avoid mistakes that could be costly.

Goodgame’s educational background included earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He began his career in retail as a purchasing manager for indoor garden inventory and managed a 20% growth in sales. He oversaw annual store openings while training store managers and sales associates for the new stores. He negotiated with vendors securing contracts for merchandise, as well as product placement in stores. He also developed very successful product branding and management programs that led to the capture of significant market shares.

He utilized his education and successfully managed and directed major retail corporations resulting in growth and expansion. He developed multi-year comprehensive plans leading to long term growth while retaining a stable retail market place. Goodgame also built and re-built management and sales teams and sparked greater sales with his effort. Goodgame successfully implemented merchandise rebate programs that increased sales both financially and number of units sold.

Goodgame’s marketing flair and expertise led him to always seek new challenges through each move in his employment maneuvering. He turned around underachieving sales teams and brought greater exposure to retail programs. He developed and launched national trade campaigns for television and print media generating millions in sales. He identified appropriate companies and products for acquisition and integrated them into existing retail stores.

One of Goodgame’s greatest success stories is with True Value Hardware Stores. As senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Mr. Goodgame managed global purchasing and active inventory SKU’s. He is responsible for category management, merchandising investment, pricing management and visual inventory productivity.
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Eric Pulier Recognizes The Importance Of New Innovations

One of the biggest reasons he serves on the innovation board for XPRIZE is because he wants to be able to inspire other people to create their own innovations and use their ideas to bring humanity to a brighter future. Eric has made plenty of innovations for himself, starting up many companies of his own, but he gained interest in XPRIZE due to the services they offer and what they are trying to accomplish.

XPRIZE is trying to use the power of competition to held inspire people to works towards goal that would benefit the overall good of all people. Since people are highly competitive by nature, this is quite an effective method. Many people just need a goal in their sites to be inspired to reach it. By giving people a target to reach and allowing them to come up with any solution they want, regardless of who they are or where the come from, many creative and innovative people will come together to join in. XPRIZE is always looking for new potential to participate.

As a solution oriented organization, Eric Pulier knows the good he is doing by being apart of their board of innovation. This allows him to further help individuals with improving their lives as well as others. He also set out to start up his own social network for children with illnesses, known as Starbright World, to help them connect better with others and share things with each other. Anyone with chronic illnesses, but especially children, want to know they are not all alone in things.

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