Communicating with video messages

The Internet has disrupted many different industries and changed the ways that businesses operate. One of the main benefits for workers and businesses is the ability to communicate with one another from virtually anywhere. While telephones and emails have always made this process somewhat possible, a new generation of computer programs have greatly expanded on the options for communicating for those in the workplace.

This means that workers can increasingly work from home or in different states yet still retain interactions that make for one company culture and community without having key employees leave the company. International communication options as well as training sessions with both customers and vendors can both improve efficiency and revenues.

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that allows businesses to communicate via teleconferencing, broadcasting conferences, and even connecting to various social media websites. With Talk Fusion Emails with videos embedded in them become a real thing and greatly improve on the quality and effectiveness of communications. Branded videos can be sent through emails that are personalized or general depending on the desired recipient of the message.

For businesses looking to add video capability and professionalism to their internal and external communications this is a small price to pay and one that reaps the aforementioned benefits. In addition to those benefits are reporting analytics that can provide valuable information to a company using Talk Fusion to understand the benefits that the service imparts to them.


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Kenneth Goodgame Creates Success Wherever he goes

Kenneth Goodgame is a sales and retail, merchandising expert. He employs smart business strategy combined with streamlined financial oversight to help create OEM excellence worth millions and billions of dollars. Kenneth Goodgame delivers a balance of quality assurance systems, key performance indicators, employee engagement and corporate alignment to enable profitability and improved performance. Goodgame’s extensive experience gave him the unique ability to identify market trends and retail shifts and make the necessary adjustments and avoid mistakes that could be costly.

Goodgame’s educational background included earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He began his career in retail as a purchasing manager for indoor garden inventory and managed a 20% growth in sales. He oversaw annual store openings while training store managers and sales associates for the new stores. He negotiated with vendors securing contracts for merchandise, as well as product placement in stores. He also developed very successful product branding and management programs that led to the capture of significant market shares.

He utilized his education and successfully managed and directed major retail corporations resulting in growth and expansion. He developed multi-year comprehensive plans leading to long term growth while retaining a stable retail market place. Goodgame also built and re-built management and sales teams and sparked greater sales with his effort. Goodgame successfully implemented merchandise rebate programs that increased sales both financially and number of units sold.

Goodgame’s marketing flair and expertise led him to always seek new challenges through each move in his employment maneuvering. He turned around underachieving sales teams and brought greater exposure to retail programs. He developed and launched national trade campaigns for television and print media generating millions in sales. He identified appropriate companies and products for acquisition and integrated them into existing retail stores.

One of Goodgame’s greatest success stories is with True Value Hardware Stores. As senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Mr. Goodgame managed global purchasing and active inventory SKU’s. He is responsible for category management, merchandising investment, pricing management and visual inventory productivity.
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Eric Pulier Recognizes The Importance Of New Innovations

One of the biggest reasons he serves on the innovation board for XPRIZE is because he wants to be able to inspire other people to create their own innovations and use their ideas to bring humanity to a brighter future. Eric has made plenty of innovations for himself, starting up many companies of his own, but he gained interest in XPRIZE due to the services they offer and what they are trying to accomplish.

XPRIZE is trying to use the power of competition to held inspire people to works towards goal that would benefit the overall good of all people. Since people are highly competitive by nature, this is quite an effective method. Many people just need a goal in their sites to be inspired to reach it. By giving people a target to reach and allowing them to come up with any solution they want, regardless of who they are or where the come from, many creative and innovative people will come together to join in. XPRIZE is always looking for new potential to participate.

As a solution oriented organization, Eric Pulier knows the good he is doing by being apart of their board of innovation. This allows him to further help individuals with improving their lives as well as others. He also set out to start up his own social network for children with illnesses, known as Starbright World, to help them connect better with others and share things with each other. Anyone with chronic illnesses, but especially children, want to know they are not all alone in things.

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John Goullet, Information Technology Staffing Leader

In the ever changing world of information technology (IT) staffing, it is rare to find professionals who consistently provide world class service to large enterprises. John Goullet is one such rare professional and his 22+ years of experience as a top information technology staffing professional prove it.

John began his career as an IT consultant. This early experience gave him valuable insight into the staffing needs of the IT community and he used this insight to transition his career to IT staffing. He did so by founding Info Technologies Inc. in 1994. Info Technologies Inc. became a breakout success-thanks to John’s visionary leadership, Info Technologies Inc. became a $30 million company within five years of its founding. This explosive growth earned Info Technologies Inc. a spot on the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. John was able to successfully grown Info Technologies Inc. by taking a unique approach to IT staffing, emphasizing a “true match”-matching the needs of his clients with the skills and capabilities of his consulting professionals.

In 2010, wanting to continue this accelerated growth and embrace new markets and opportunities, John joined with another visionary within the IT staffing industry, Gene Waddy and the two leaders evolved Info Technologies Inc. and Diversant Inc. into Diversant LLC.  Diversant LLC is the largest African-American owned staffing and solutions firm. With its certification as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Diversant LLC has the capability of serving enterprises of any size.

John Goullet of Diversant LLC is continuing to grow the IT staffing industry by providing high quality service to the large firms he serves, good opportunities to the consultants he employs and visionary leadership to a company which is growing into a leader in the IT staffing industry.

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Helane Morrison’s Many Contributions

For businesses in industries such as the real estate industry or the insurance and financial industry that are looking to progress and to gain revenue, it has become a requirement for these industries to invest in the hiring of professionals that can be a part of the company with the job to not only spot a problem, but to also fix the problem immediately. After the financial crash of 2008, much mistrust and uncertainty became a repercussion in regards to the industries that were outed for corruption. As a way to fix this issue, companies have begun hiring compliance officers that keep a company transparent for the clients of the company to see.

One compliance officer in particular is a well respected individual for her hard work and her dedication to both the job as well as to the people. This compliance officer is Helane Morrison who is a dedicated and loyal member of the Hall Capital Partners team. This investment firm is one of the largest investment firms on the West Coast and is a firm that looks to please the customer and to find diverse ways to have the highest rate of return upon investment. Hall Capital Partners not only has a woman CEO of the company, but also stresses the need for women executives as a way to provide an example for the world to follow.

Helane Morrison has extensive experience in both the private sector as well as in the public sector. Helane Morrison has wanted to make it clear that she is a compliance officer who took the job to work for the people. After the crisis, many individuals lost faith in investment opportunities.

With a law background as well as a journalism background, Ms. Morrison has proved herself to be a valuable asset to the company that she is currently working for. As a compliance officer, she gives advice to those looking at the position. Ms. Morrison states that not only is a deep understanding of the company involved, but also strong leadership skills are required to find the problem and to get it fixed efficiently. Helane Morrison loves her job and loves helping the people of the community regain their trust for investment firms.

Ken Goodrich Puts Goettl Air Condition In A Good Position

Ken Goodrich bought Goettl Air Conditioning when it was not in the best place to make money, and he said that he wanted to help the company find a better direction for the future. He wanted to help them give people better chances to make their air conditioning work well, and he wanted to show the people around Arizona that they can do this for less. His plan for the company is pretty simple, and it all revolves around making Goettl the only place to call.

There are a lot of people who need to get their AC serviced every summer because it gets so hot in the summer, and they have to have something done before they have to run the system all the time to stay cool. Ken Goodrich is trying to make it possible for people to get their AC to work when it is not working, or they will just do the service that needs to be done.

Everyone who gets the right kind of service will notice that the system runs a lot better, and they will be able to get the system to blow very cold air even when they are very hot inside the house.  There are a lot of problems that people will need to address with their thermostat and the way it communicates with the system, but they can get Goettl to handle all of that for them.

It is a lot easier for everyone in Arizona to get what they need for their AC because Ken Goodrich has done such a good job with Goettl Air Conditioning.

The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning help senior after tragedy