The OSI Group Is The Picture of Food Service Perfection

The OSI Group is premier global food provider that delights customers around the world with its concept-to-table solutions.

With over 20,000 employees the company was listed at the #58 spot on the Forbes list of largest private companies, at $6.1 billion, in 2016. It was also named an American top 100 company, and the Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, who won a Global Visionary Award presented by India’s Vision World Academy was attributed as a top reason why. Sheldon’s commitment to excellence comes from his experience in the food industry, and the business moves OSI has made are partly connected to his experience in finance.

OSI Group has also been awarded both a Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. These awards are given to companies that maintain excellence in the management of health and safety risks at work and have the highest of environmental standards. In order to even be considered for these awards, a company must achieve the maximum five stars in both the British Safety Council’s health and safety management audit scheme and environmental management audit scheme. On top of this, an independent panel of experts must confirm that the environmental management, and safety protocols are top-notch through the entire business from top-to-bottom. Since OSI Group consistently develops procedures, policies, and systems that ensure the sustainable health, safety, and environmental practices of the food service business, it was a clear choice for these awards.

OSI Group maintains that it will continue to pay an enormous amount of attention to the safety standards, health practices, and environmental concerns within every community it serves food to.

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PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Has Announced Launch of Raven Effect

This Raven Effect is going to be a part of The Jericho Network. Former WWE star Scott “Raven” Levy is behind the Raven Effect. This will move on to PodcastOne, which is the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in the nation today. This will be a weekly podcast. Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Chris Jericho is a PodcastOne host as well as wrestling superstar. The Raven Effect will be telecast Under The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne. It will feature a number of discussions that will be on current events, conspiracies, besides pop culture, politics, as well as pet peeves and simply anything else that Raven can possibly think of.



Some episodes of The Raven Effect will feature friends, besides enemies, all those know-it-alls besides the know-nothings.  Hence it will be a fun-centric hour. It is available right now. There will be new episodes each Monday on, besides on the PodcastOne app as well as on iTunes.



PodcastOne Founder as well as Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz feels that Chris has been able to brilliantly master this fine balancing of wrestling content along with other topics that include music and sports. He is able to manage the great new show called Beyond the Darkness too. This is a show that focuses on the paranormal. Hence he is expecting that The Raven Effect is going to be just another winner for The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne. [].



Jericho is simply too excited with having The Raven Effect as the new hit show on The Jericho Network. This is also because he has known Raven for decades. He knows that Raven is funny, intelligent, and so ridiculous, sarcastic, but totally entertaining. This fits in so well with The Jericho Network. This is going to be just another successful show here and soon to be followed by a number of new programs that are going to rock.



New podcast series have regularly debuted under this partnering of production and distribution besides product marketing.



Norman Pattiz has founded Westwood One. Under his leadership it became the largest radio network in America. It has become a provider of news, and sports, entertainment, besides talk and traffic programs to the Broadcasting Industry.

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Sam Tabar: A Man Who Keeps Busy

One thing that could be said about Sam Tabar is that he keeps himself busy. He is one person that always goes above and beyond. This is one of the reasons that he is so successful. For one thing, he does not put everything into one source. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He looks for a multitude of methods that he can utilize so that he could continue to bring in the income. As a result, he is someone that has gained a lot of skills and has learned many different things. For one thing, he has learned different languages throughout his career. Read more: Ex-Merrill’s Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

Even though Sam Tabar has worked as an attorney, he has made his success as a private investor. For one thing, he has worked in many different banks different countries such as Asia. His wisdom in financial management has gained him a lot of trust with many different people.

He has also earned enough trust to be appointed as the Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. His experience in the field include helping with front and back offices in investment banks.

One of the admirable things about Sam Tabar is that he loves women. He has a heart to help women who are faced with unfavorable situations. Among the things he loves to help with is hygiene products. This is why he makes regular donations to SheThinx.

One of the things he is involved with is helping with the empowerment of women throughout the world. One thing that women need is to be encouraged and inspired. Sam is working really hard towards a better world of equality.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Redefining Online Retail

When movie star Kate Hudson launched her athletic apparel brand Fabletics in 2013, it seemed to many like just another Hollywood celebrity putting her name on a product. However, the company is currently worth over $250 million and Hudson has established herself as a fierce entrepreneur who is unafraid to take risks.


When customers visit the Fabletics website, they can choose from hundreds of athletic apparel items. The brand is known for its large variety of sports bras and leggings that come in different styles, colors and patterns. Additionally, the store carries jersey dresses, jackets and gym bags that have high-fashion appeal.


What makes Fabletics unique is that it operates as a subscription service as well. Customers who shop on the company’s website are encouraged to join the VIP membership program. Then, at the beginning of every month, they are sent a complete workout outfit in the mail for a monthly fee of $49.95.


When Joanie and Heather of received their first outfits in the mail, they were thrilled to see that Fabletics selected outfits that perfectly reflected their personal styles. They also noted that Fabletics clothing is comfortable and built to endure intense workout sessions.


When Hudson launched a handful of physical Fabletics stores across the country a couple of years back, she did so using the “reverse showroom” strategy. Instead of relying on physical stores to earn additional revenue, she uses these stores to bring more sales to the website. About 30 to 50 percent of customers who walk into a Fabletics store are already VIP members who want to try on pieces in person. Approximately 25 percent of customers who purchase an item in a store end up becoming VIP members before they leave. When a customer tries on an item in the dressing room, that item is added to their online Fabletics shopping cart.


The strategy is paying off. Fabletics continues to grow tremendously each year. Hudson is planning to launch several more Fabletics stores across the United States and overseas over the next five or so years. The company is doing so well that Fabletics is selling more than Amazon’s fashion apparel outlet. It’s obvious that Kate Hudson is an entrepreneur at heart.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Adam Milstein and the Power of Philanthropy

Adam Milstein has an active role in the Southern California area in a wide diversity of interests.

His active position as co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council is only one of many Jewish organizations he belongs to; in addition to several groups that benefit Israeli-Jewish-American families from all over the U.S., he also belongs to an organization that distributes educational material in Hebrew to teach Jewish values to the younger generations. On top of these impressive accomplishments, Adam still finds time to participate in his many philanthropic activities as well.

Adam Milstein first came to Los Angeles as a student enrolled at the University of Southern California. His high ambitions, keen intellect, and the effervescent energy of youth soon brought him many opportunities for success. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

After graduating from USC with an MBA in financial entrepreneurship, Adam states that he received low offers of employment from companies who did not take his knowledge and experience into account. This actually turned into an opportunity for Adam, because he made the decision to start his own business in real estate investments.

Hager Pacific Properties is the successful result of his decision to pursue a career in commercial real estate, which in the Los Angeles area is a highly lucrative enterprise for the right person at the right time.

Through knowledgeable business planning, investment, and good timing, Adam Milstein built up a sizeable real estate portfolio that has also fulfilled his interests in philanthropy. By helping others in the community through his philanthropic activities and participation, Adam has found that his daily job has become more intriguing and satisfying than ever.

For Adam Milstein and for the community he serves in such a positive way, the avenues to success are mutually beneficial.

The Scottsdale, Arizona Jason Hope Making a Positive Impact In The World

A philanthropist, as well as futuristic entrepreneur Jason Hope, is based in Scottsdale, AZ. His philanthropic initiatives are aimed to assist the scientific research disease cure, education, and biotechnology. At his local area, he has been committed to providing support to the local education program that motivates the students to learn more than what they learn in the classrooms. He has also given financials assistance to other organizations that focuses on the handling the diseases prevention, treatment as well as control.

One of the organizations that Jason Hope has given financial support is the SENS Foundation by donating $500, 000 to Foundation initiatives. SENS Foundation deals with researching and developing a revolutionizing medicine. The reason that Jason Hope is interested in the Foundation work is because of it focuses on coming up with new ways to treat the chronic ailments. He insists that the conventional medicine is not doing enough because they try to ease side effect of the disease instead of preventing and curing the diseases.

Another Foundation that Jason Hope has given financial support includes the Andre Agassi Foundation, Tony Hawk Foundation, Leukemia, Boys and Girls of metropolitan Phoenix as well as True Colors. He also serves in Arizona Science Center as a member of Director.

Jason Hope has been known to be unconventional when it comes to the technology. His main aim is an aspect such as research as well as development. He works with inventors and business leaders by providing informed insight about technology in various areas such as the development of the mobile applications, gaming software and desktop software that can be used to improve the future of human well-being. Hope has partnered with other organizations to bring about new technology and carry research on technological infrastructure.

Jason Hope has special interest about certain areas of technology, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT). He believes that because newer devices are being produced every day and that these devices are connected to the world through wireless technology, the term IoT will continues rise in popularity as people recognize the importance and impact of IoT.

Benefits of the MB2 Dental Company

Your dental website is a lot more important than you might think. Most people nowadays will do their research on the internet before visiting any local dental office. This is why it can totally hinder the future and livelihood of your business if you do not have a proper website. If you have no design to the website itself or do not have a website at all, it is absolutely essential that you utilize a company known as MB2 Dental. This is a company that is specific to dental website design, and they only work with dental offices around the world. They have been in business for many years now and are one of the top dental website design agencies that you could possibly find. Considering all of the great reviews and positive feedback that this company gets, it is no wonder that so many people have utilized their services for their own specific website needs.


This means that you do not have to worry that you are spending a small fortune on the new website just because you are going with a more expensive company. This company will do all of the work for you on a budget that you will find easy and carefree to afford. This is a great option for all types of dental practices, whether you are brand new and just starting out or have been well-established for many years. You need a good quality website to get people interested in your brand, and MB2 Dental will be able to do all of this work for you and take the guesswork out of the project for you and your company.


One of the major benefits is that it can help you to feel confident in the fact that you finally have a website that looks professional and organized. If you do not have the knowledge to create a website yourself, this can certainly deter you from being able to create a website that reflects your needs. Instead of dealing with these problems yourself, hiring a professional company can help you to feel more confident in your website and know that you are bringing in the new patients that you require to stay in business.


Let’s Talk About Businessman Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well-known investor and financial expert. He’s based in San Diego, California, and he has enjoyed a very successful career. He’s the leader of Trucept and he has been a leader at other companies, which include the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Bonar’s Early Life

Bonar has a technical background and he has a lot of experience building business structures that work. He attended the James Watt Technical College, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. From there, he went to Stafford University, which is where he earned his Masters Degree in mechanical engineering.

Business History And His Accomplishments

Bonar has worked for some of the most respected companies in the world. He has worked as a procurement manager at IBM and he worked at QMS as their Director of Engineering. While at QMS, he managed over 100 people. He was a manager at Adaptec and eventually he decided to launch his own company.

He continued working for other companies before working with Dalrada Financial Services. While there, he became very successful and he became known as being helpful and a wonderful person to work with.

Bonar’s Specialties And His Approach

In fact, he excels at those and the approach takes to work and life is a creative one. He combines that with what he has learnt as an engineer.

Life Outside Of Work

Brian Bonar may work a lot, but he does have a life outside of work. He enjoys golfing in his free time. He also goes on boating trips and spends as much time with his family as he can.

Now you know more about Brian and you can see that he has an excellent work ethic.

Anthony Petrello: Success from New England to Texas Country

Anthony Petrello, or as his friends know him, Tony, has worked hard and is a well educated man, which has allowed him great success in life. Anthony Petrello is worth several million dollars and currently is serving on boards for multiple corporations. he excels in every position, in every facet of his career, in each task he is given. He constantly ensures that his companies are successful and profitable through constant commitment and passion for his work. Whether it is children’s health or oil refining, Anthony Petrello is always a devoted and dedicated leader of his corporations and organization.

Petrello started his academic career at the internationally renowned Yale University, where he received his Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree and Masters of Science (M.S.) degree in Mathematics. He then began his pursuit of his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at the pristine and challenging Harvard Law School which enabled him to serve and practice law. Anthony Petrello previously served at Director of, which makes writing of all kinds available at the touch of a mouse pad. He also worked for the Baker & McKenzie law firm Managing Partner 1986, where he specialized in corporate taxes.

Anthony Petrello now serves as a major contributor of four different organizations. He has been the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since February 28, 2011 and is the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc.

He began working on the board of directors in 1991. Nabors Industries is a corporation that boasts about that they have and operate the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet. They are a leader in the industry and are constantly innovating and advancing technologically. The Nabors’ workforce is dedicated and determined, they work with a passion and fervor that can only be indicative of the continued standard of excellence they set for all companies. See:

With Nabors, Anthony Petrello serves as Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer. He replaced his predecessor, Isenberg, as president and Chief Executive Officer in October of 2011. Since becoming Chief Executive Officer, Nabors’ share price is up about 180% which is an incredible increase and the company was extremely gratuitous and appreciative.

Anthony Petrello’s success can be attributed to his ingenuity and risk taking, which is why he was named Best Paid Executive Chief Office in 2013. A title he earned through hard work and dedication to Nabors and his other executive board positions on Bloomberg. Anthony Petrello, as can be seen by his education, was not originally a traditional Texas man, but since moving their, he has fully embraced southern living.  Anthony Petrello continues to advance and increase the success of both his own career and the path of the corporations he serves on the boards of for years.

Exploring the Life and Deeds of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an accomplished business mogul, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Through maintaining multiple portfolio companies, Sparks has become a force to reckon with in the business scene. Having been a C+ student, he is a living example that grades do not necessary determine a person’s success or future. However, Sparks attributes all his success including selling hundreds of millions worth of companies and products to the grace of God as opposed to his own effort.

Over the years, Marc has created a strongly founded reputation in creating dozens of startups. Some of these startups have grown into big and lucrative businesses. To him, impossible is not an option. This attribute has propelled Marc to create companies through ideas that most people view as impossible. As such, he has managed to build a portfolio of companies, which he maintains through his private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital LP.

Marc is deeply involved in the telecommunication industry. This involvement has caused him to establish networks with various companies in the industry including Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless as well as Splash Media. Aside from the telecommunication industry, he boasts of interests in other industries like business solutions, real estate and venture investing.


Apart from his high involvement in business, Marc has also displayed a knack for writing through his book; They Can’t Eat You.

Some of his successes include founding a software company and selling about $200 million worth of product in a year while his unsuccessful ventures include losing his insurance holding company that almost hit a billion dollar market cap. Hence, the book is meant to encourage those entrepreneurs who have lost hope through Marc’s experiences.


Although Marc Sparks is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, he has never let riches or wealth interfere with his humane side. He is an altruistic individual with an exceptional passion for helping the less privileged in society. He does this through a homeless shelter based in Texas, The Samaritan Inn.

The shelter lends a hand up instead of a handout to only those people who are hell-bent on helping themselves. Apart from The Samaritan Inn, Marc is also significantly involved in other charities including Dogs Matter, Mommies in Need, American Can! Academy, The North Texas Gateway Apartments, Sparky’s Kids, Carpenters for Christ, CARE, Spark Tank and many others.