Achievements and History of the OCI Group LLC

The OSI Group was founded over one hundred years ago in Chicago, Illinois. It is an international company that is American based and is comprised of a group of meat processors that provide for retail and food service industries. This company has branches all across the globe, but is home based in Aurora, Illinois. The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Sheldon Lavin and President is Mr. David McDonald, these two gentlemen have been making incredible strides by leading the company in a very positive direction. This global entity currently has 65 locations, over 20,000 employees, and is in 17 different countries.

In 2016 OSI Food Solutions UK was presented with a very prestigious award,”the globe of honour”, by the British Safety Council. This award is only given to eighteen industries internationally, these industries are recognized for exemplary environmental management risk. However this award is not obtained easily as a company must meet extremely high standards by receiving five stars in different areas for a time period of several months. OSI Food Solutions UK was rewarded with “the globe of honour” in 2015 as well as 2013.

The OSI Groups latest announcement was its acquisition of the Dutch Company, Baho Foods. Baho Foods carries deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. This Dutch company has been in business for over 60 years, with plants operating in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Foods services its customers across 18 European countries. The president of OSI group Mr. David McDonald explains “how acquiring Baho Foods will be such a good fit with their company and will allow them a stronger presence in the Europe, as well as helping them to service more of their customers needs”.

Despite the fact that OSI Group LLC is an international company, it is privately owned and at times still operates as small town business, which can make for a pleasant working experience. They offer jobs such as; shipping and receiving, supervisors, quality assurance managers, and benefits specialists. So if you like the idea of working for a large company with the same perks as smaller businesses, OSI Group LLC might just be the right place.

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