Achievements and History of the OCI Group LLC

The OSI Group was founded over one hundred years ago in Chicago, Illinois. It is an international company that is American based and is comprised of a group of meat processors that provide for retail and food service industries. This company has branches all across the globe, but is home based in Aurora, Illinois. The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Sheldon Lavin and President is Mr. David McDonald, these two gentlemen have been making incredible strides by leading the company in a very positive direction. This global entity currently has 65 locations, over 20,000 employees, and is in 17 different countries.

In 2016 OSI Food Solutions UK was presented with a very prestigious award,”the globe of honour”, by the British Safety Council. This award is only given to eighteen industries internationally, these industries are recognized for exemplary environmental management risk. However this award is not obtained easily as a company must meet extremely high standards by receiving five stars in different areas for a time period of several months. OSI Food Solutions UK was rewarded with “the globe of honour” in 2015 as well as 2013.

The OSI Groups latest announcement was its acquisition of the Dutch Company, Baho Foods. Baho Foods carries deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. This Dutch company has been in business for over 60 years, with plants operating in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Foods services its customers across 18 European countries. The president of OSI group Mr. David McDonald explains “how acquiring Baho Foods will be such a good fit with their company and will allow them a stronger presence in the Europe, as well as helping them to service more of their customers needs”.

Despite the fact that OSI Group LLC is an international company, it is privately owned and at times still operates as small town business, which can make for a pleasant working experience. They offer jobs such as; shipping and receiving, supervisors, quality assurance managers, and benefits specialists. So if you like the idea of working for a large company with the same perks as smaller businesses, OSI Group LLC might just be the right place.

Ricardo Tosto Provides Effective Legal Help In Brazil

Are you on the lookout for top notch legal solution for your business? Need a powerful lawyer to advise you or represent your organization in a complex legal matter? Maybe you have read about Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – one of the most prominent attorneys in Brazil.Mergers and acquisitions are time-honored ways to boost or grow profit while maintaining a streamlined investment process. The decision to acquire a business or merge two businesses into one involves significant, heavyweight considerations. The process requires great legal expertise to carry it out smoothly.

When it comes to these issues business law, there are no shortcuts. It is crucial to get legal assistance in order to accomplish the goal of acquiring a business or merging businesses. The job of your lawyer is to clarify and walk you through the process.Ricardo Tosto is committed to ensuring your success and will work hard to get you the result you desire. His knowledge and experience in the business and corporate law field enables him to help his clients find effective solutions to issues that can disrupt or threaten any business project.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an expert in business and corporate litigation and is well known throughout Brazil. Ricardo takes the time to evaluate a company’s or organization’s legal situation and process and then determines the best approach to meet their needs.

Ricardo Tosto has practiced business and corporate law for over 22 years and is fully aware of what his clients need to stay in compliance with the rules and regulations of their industry. With a competent attorney like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho on your side, you can be confident that the situation will be handle appropriately. When it comes to hiring a business lawyer or lawyer to help address any issues you may be going through, it is extremely important to go with the best you can find. When it is necessary to defend legal action, either through court trial or out of court negotiation, Ricardo offers informed advice based on yours of experience in all aspects of dispute resolution.

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Rocketship Education Creates Security

When it comes to the education of elementary school children, the rest of the world would do well to study the success and techniques of Rocketship Education. It would be a very good thing to do given the success that Rocketship has enjoyed.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public elementary charter school system. Located in difficult economic areas, the company specializes in elementary education because that is where the base foundation is formed for the best educational experience possible.

The innovative concept was initiated in 2006 and has grown to be a successful model for the maximization of efficiency and high objectives for students education. The core subjects of math, science, reading, and social studies are augmented with art, music, dance, gardening, and other lifestyle subjects.

As opposed to a typical traditional classroom, Rocketship likes to have its Rocketeers (the name for the students) attend several different modes of classwork. There are times when a larger gathering is necessary for announcements, attendance and the like, but most of the time spent is in other arrangements.

Most of the activity is spent in small groups, digital labs, and personal tutoring. The digital labs cover tasks that are repetitive and can be covered easily and repetitively.

Rocketship believes that each student has a vast amount of potential and they feel that it is their duty to help the student unlock their potential to reach their maximum levels. Each student has a progress map that is individualized with steps and checkpoints along the way.

The core traits that are emphasized by Rocketship are empathy, respect, responsibility, and persistence. These are good traits for students to take as their own and also great goals for all citizens.

Obviously without good results, communities, parents, and students would not show much interest in Rocketship Education. The average Rocketeer has enough credits to graduate a complete year ahead of his or her contemporary in the public school system. Rocketeers who move on to middle school has higher scores than their public school peers, as well as more self-confidence and greater social and learning skills, according to the many tests that have been conducted.

How the Digital Showroom has Helped Fabletics Grow

Today’s consumer has more research options than ever before making a buying decision. Many consumers will research several products and read multiple reviews before making something as simple as what brand of coffee to buy. Having a reverse showroom allows your target buyer to do all of their research in one place, on the terms you would like to set.


Fabletics has become the brand to model after when considering a reverse showroom technique. The women’s athletic wear company was founded by actress, Kate Hudson, and was specifically designed to build itself around the reverse showroom strategy. Parent company, TechStyle Group, is a veteran in the world of e-commerce companies for women.


Traditional showrooms, or retail locations, have a great deal of expense to account for before they even open their doors. Building space or leasing space is the largest expense and many others add up in a traditional showroom. Reverse showrooms allow companies, especially startups with modest funding, to get a foot in the door without a lot of initial overhead.


Fabletics has mastered the reverse showroom strategy and then gone above and beyond. The company website feels like an online community. It feels like entering a store through your computer. There is a heavy focus on social media engagement. This makes it feel almost like a true online community of other lovers of Fabletics.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the face and the lifeblood of Fabletics. While many people believe she is simply the spokesperson, she is integrally involved in day to day operations at the company. She owns the entire vision for social media and advertising strategy and works with the creative team to develop content. She also studies sales data to make sure she is always in the loop with how Fabletics items are resonating with its member base. While she says her first love will always be acting, she plans to continue her role with Fabletics as the company grows to a global entity.


Lifestyle Quiz

Fabletics offers a unique LifeStyle Quiz designed to give every visitor to its website a unique customer experience. The quiz is just a few short questions. These questions are things like what type of workout you enjoy, if you enjoy working out indoors or outdoors, and your fashion choices. The results of the quiz create a unique customer experience designed to meet your needs.

Keeping Up With the Latest Changes in Personalization Merchandising

Keeping up with some of the latest trends in the marketing industry can be one of the biggest challenges that business owners and their marketing specialists may face as they move into the next phase of online marketing strategies. Because not all companies are the same, different strategies are being used to increase conversion rates and the profits generated on most sites today. So, for those who may be concerned about what types of trends are affecting the way products and services are being presented to consumers, here is some invaluable information that you should know about personalized merchandising and how it is affecting the ecommerce world as a whole.

Product Centric vs Customer Centric Planning Changing

Aside from the new innovations in technology and the way products are being presented to consumers, there is a new wave of initiatives in this industry that concentrates on different methods of reaching a target audience today. Specifically, when it comes to the types of software systems and applications being used to increase a sites conversion rates. Unlike the older traditional methods of merchandising that focuses on product centric sales promotions, the newest marketing schemes are now focusing on the customer as it relates customer centric sales. Therefore, whenever an individual visits a site online to shop, the choices that they make can be influenced by the businesses Personalized Merchandising automated processes.

Goal and Objective is to Match the Customer with the Product

Typically, with this customer centric sales tactic, the goal and objective is to match the customer with the types of products that they need and prefer. Therefore, the concept of Personalized Merchandising is vastly different from the concept that focuses on selling specific items to anyone in the target audience that will buy them. For instance, a customer centric sales environment will encourage the individual to buy products that is listed in their personal profiles. So, the individual is more apt to purchase what is being displayed to them. On the other hand, when the company is using a product centric buying process, the products offered may or may not be of interest to the individual. Especially, because the item is being offered to a broad audience of buyers that may not have interest in the product at all. In either case, it is essential that both small and large companies adopt the latest trends in the industry so that they can take advantage of tried and true automated systems that meets specific consumers’ needs. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.