The Man Of The Decade: Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua, a multi-level marketing expert, was raised in the Philippines. He is a highly successful man in the Pacific region. His contributions are numerous and he is highly visible within the corporate arena. His family originated in China, and they later immigrated to the Philippines.

Mr. Chua is certainly business savvy, and he is a well-respected entrepreneur. He is noted for his contributions to Gano Excel. Mr. Chua was also granted direct sales company awards on five separate occasions, as his work is well-recognized.

Ganoderma, a company that specializes in: tea and coffee, is another one of Mr. Chua’s contributions. He has done a great deal of research on the polypore mushroom(s).

In this area, Mr. Chua remains highly regarded, as he has shared a great deal of knowledge, globally. Bernardo Chua has a tight relationship with his producers and contributors. He is business savvy and he is a knowledgeable investor.

In many areas, Mr. Chua aims to give back to his community, and he does this quite well. Through outsourcing, he has found lucrative avenues for success. He desires to present high quality products to all of his interested consumers.

Throughout his career, he has engaged in strategies that assisted with expansion. Successfully, he has managed to extend his business ventures into countries like: Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. Globally, his work has been identified by many interested consumers and investors.

Organo Gold has produced great profitability for Mr. Chua, and he intends to continue venturing into this lucrative field. As the (C.E.O.) Chief Executive Officer and founder of Organo Gold, Mr. Chua has truly expanded his options.

Organo Gold is a company that produces healthy, organic coffee from a supplement called: Ganoderma Lucidia. Mr. Chua’s work in advancing this product has proven to be greatly profitable, and he has changed many lives. By outsourcing this product, he has been able to tap into various markets worldwide.

Zoominfo believes that The billion dollar coffee industry has benefited from the work of Bernardo Chua. He certainly continues to leave his mark in this booming industry, and he will continue to thrive.

The Growth of Fabletics in America and Beyond

Fabletics is the brand that just keeps on growing. It is big in America, and this company is growing in other areas like Spain, France, Canada and Australia. It has slowly been building a fan base that continues to move up in the ranks. It is a brand that builds a customer base that is strong around the world. That is why it may be able to successfully compete with Amazon.


While Jeff Bezos is opening physical stores like the grocery store called Go, Kate Hudson is opening up more of the brick and mortar stores. This is possible because Kate Hudson has already had a big crowd online, and this has allowed her to really look at the way that people are demanding more from physical stores.


For Kate there has been an assessment of all the people that were interested in physical stores. She knew that there were people out there that wanted to touch and feel. This is what has allowed her to successfully open more stores and build a better brand with Fabletics. People that buy clothes may opt for online methods, but this does not always work out. Sometimes it just all comes down to trying on the clothes before you make the decision to buy. This is why consumers are anticipating the online transition to the physical stores. They have the ability to shop and feel what they are buying. When it comes to clothes there are a lot of people that are going to want to spend their money only when they try clothes on.


It makes sense for try clothes on before a business is made, and Kate is trying to cater to all of those that are looking for this as a possibility. She is showing a lot of people that Fabletics is the company that is moving into a leadership position because the brand stays innovative. There are clothes that Kate Hudson is helping to design. There are clothes that are being designed by Demi Lovato that are part of the Fabletics brand. All of this makes Fabletics a stronger company than Amazon when it comes to athletic clothing.


Jeff Bezos may be holding things down in every other spot, but Kate Hudson has managed to take over when it comes to athletic clothing. She has done great things for this brand that was merely a newcomer 10 years ago.