Doe Deere’s Tips For Following Your Creative Vision

Today, Doe Deere is a tremendously successful CEO who has launched countless trends in the makeup industry. Her attraction to all things colorful, bright and sparkly has led her to create numerous coveted products for Lime Crime, the cosmetics company that she launched in 2008.

Lime Crime’s success is evident when one sees the millions of followers that the brand has on Instagram and the endless number of beauty bloggers eager to get their hands on the brand’s latest products. Each product that Deere formulates offers a fresh and fearless approach to self-expression through makeup. Brands that have existed long before Lime Crime immediately copy the products that Deere creates.

However, when Doe Deere launched the brand in 2008, she took an enormous risk. She launched Lime Crime because she had trouble finding the kind of makeup that she wanted to wear herself. Always an artist, Deere had transitioned from a musician in New York City to a clothing designer. She always wore clothes that grabbed attention and featured bold colors and prints.

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About ten years ago, makeup trends were fairly unimaginative. Instead of encouraging experimentation through different colors and textures, most makeup brands were playing it safe by sticking to neutral shades and natural finishes.

Deere launched Lime Crime as a drastically different perspective on makeup. Since she was a little girl playing with her mother’s makeup, Deere had always believed that cosmetics should be about having fun with color and texture. With the brand’s launch, she released several products that came in neon pastel shades. Needless to say, Lime Crime makeup products are not for those who want to play it safe and blend in with the crowd.

Although Lime Crime went against the trends of the time, the brand quickly picked up a following as more and more beauty consumers wanted to have a little more fun with their makeup. Today, Lime Crime’s whimsical and dreamy products are setting the trends and can be found everywhere.

From the company’s launch in 2008, Deere has always followed her heart. She never once fell for the allure of fads and has always stuck to her own creative vision. By staying true to herself and following her own vision, she has managed to maintain a very loyal base of customers who trust that the products that they purchase from Lime Crime simply cannot be found anywhere else. In just ten years, Deere has turned her unique personal aesthetic into a makeup empire.

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