Betsy DeVos Rises From Education Activism To A Top Political Position

The work of Betsy DeVos has been followed by myself for a number of years as she has made the cause of education reform her most important one as both a philanthropist and activist; Betsy DeVos has proven herself to be such an important part of the 21st century education landscape in the U.S. that in early 2017 she was, quite rightly, given the position of Secretary of Education by incoming U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Mrs. DeVos has always been a major supporter of a number of good causes through her own Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation and The Windquest Group used by the couple for their main investments in and around Michigan. One thing that has always brought out my admiration for Betsy DeVos has been the dedication she has shown to providing a better standard of life for the entire community in her home state of Michigan, and the city of Grand Rapids she calls home with her husband, Dick. Check her website for more info at

On February 7th 2017, Betsy DeVos was awarded the role of Education Secretary of the U.S. after the work she has been completing for over three decades was finally recognized by the political establishment as being important; for myself I have nothing but admiration for the way Betsy DeVos has handled her passion for education over the course of her work as a reformer, particularly as the cause was little more than an afterthought for many education experts in the 1990s. My own opinion is that Betsy DeVos has done more than a large number of others in the education community to allow students and their family greater choice over how they are educated and at which institution. By 2015, Betsy DeVos had played a key role in the development of school choice and school voucher programs in 17 states and the District of Columbia that means zip code is no longer the determining factor in the standard of education received.

There is more to the work of Betsy DeVos than simply her interest in education reform that is often seen as the main area of concern for the Holland, Michigan born graduate of Calvin College. Looking at the life and career of Betsy DeVos has allowed me to see she has become a major force in a number of fields, including politics where she has twice headed the Michigan Republican Party as Chair; President George W. Bush also provided Betsy DeVos with a major honor when she was his nomination for a vacant seat on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Despite these outside interests I still believe Betsy DeVos will remain best known for her educational work, which includes the development of the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school that was established and operated by Betsy and Dick DeVos.

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Doe Deere’s Tips For Following Your Creative Vision

Today, Doe Deere is a tremendously successful CEO who has launched countless trends in the makeup industry. Her attraction to all things colorful, bright and sparkly has led her to create numerous coveted products for Lime Crime, the cosmetics company that she launched in 2008.

Lime Crime’s success is evident when one sees the millions of followers that the brand has on Instagram and the endless number of beauty bloggers eager to get their hands on the brand’s latest products. Each product that Deere formulates offers a fresh and fearless approach to self-expression through makeup. Brands that have existed long before Lime Crime immediately copy the products that Deere creates.

However, when Doe Deere launched the brand in 2008, she took an enormous risk. She launched Lime Crime because she had trouble finding the kind of makeup that she wanted to wear herself. Always an artist, Deere had transitioned from a musician in New York City to a clothing designer. She always wore clothes that grabbed attention and featured bold colors and prints.

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About ten years ago, makeup trends were fairly unimaginative. Instead of encouraging experimentation through different colors and textures, most makeup brands were playing it safe by sticking to neutral shades and natural finishes.

Deere launched Lime Crime as a drastically different perspective on makeup. Since she was a little girl playing with her mother’s makeup, Deere had always believed that cosmetics should be about having fun with color and texture. With the brand’s launch, she released several products that came in neon pastel shades. Needless to say, Lime Crime makeup products are not for those who want to play it safe and blend in with the crowd.

Although Lime Crime went against the trends of the time, the brand quickly picked up a following as more and more beauty consumers wanted to have a little more fun with their makeup. Today, Lime Crime’s whimsical and dreamy products are setting the trends and can be found everywhere.

From the company’s launch in 2008, Deere has always followed her heart. She never once fell for the allure of fads and has always stuck to her own creative vision. By staying true to herself and following her own vision, she has managed to maintain a very loyal base of customers who trust that the products that they purchase from Lime Crime simply cannot be found anywhere else. In just ten years, Deere has turned her unique personal aesthetic into a makeup empire.

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Copa Star – The Modern Luxury Hospital

According to this article by Nelson Belen, a contributor to the Rio Times, Copa Star is a new luxury private hospital located in the heart of Copacabana. It one of many hospitals which are part of the D’Or network of hospitals, which are owned by Jorge Moll, President of the D’Or Institute. Moll has said that the objective of the new state-of-the-art building is to create a new standard for the modern hospital. Copa Star is said to specialize in cardiology and neurology, and has hopes to surpass some of Brazil’s top facilities, such as Albert Einstein Hospital and Sírio-Libanês in São Paulo.

The R$400 million-dollar hospital spans 21,000 square meters, has nine operating rooms, 155 patient suites, and 59 Intensive Care Units (ICUs). The architecture of the building allows light to radiate so as to avoid the traditional sanitized hospital atmosphere, and works of art by Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota are present throughout the facility. In addition, the lobby features a grand piano, sofas, and a restaurant with a menu designed by Sofitell head chef, Roland Villard.

Hospital Copa Star also boasts having state-of-the-art equipment such as a neurosurgery facility with MRI and diagnostic systems, robotics, and smart operating rooms and patient areas. In addition, the ICU’s have been equipped with a novelty which allows patients to connect with the outside world through the medium of video technology. Paulo Niemeyer, a neurosurgeon who helped design Copa Star’s ICU, has stated that patients who are isolated can develop what is called confinement syndrome, which distorts a person’s senses, especially their sense of time. The plethora of cameras which overlook the street, the ocean, and the beach, are meant to serve as a window to the outside world.

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The hospital staff tops out at 550 personnel, which includes doctors, nurses, and support personnel. Registered nurses undergo two months of special training designed to prepare them for a range of different situations, from how to deal with patients on a daily basis, to handling more serious life-threatening situations. Some of the training includes scenarios which are simulated by professional actors. According to D’Or representatives, the group has plans to open more Copa Star hospitals in São Paulo and Brasilia. Visit their profile page on

Making A Lasting Impression In Education

I must admit now before I start that I was not very familiar with Betsy DeVos or her commitment to education. As I researched her work I became more and more impressed with her endeavors. As someone interested in clean energy, zero waste, and natural alternatives I am excited to learn of Mrs. DeVos’ involvement with a company which invests in clean energy. I admire her for the time and money she has invested in many different areas from her work in campaigns, serving on many boards, and setting up scholarships. She is known in many circles not the least of which are politics, business, and education As a member of the Republican Party, Betsy DeVos spent most of the 90s as the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan. She went on to serve as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party in the late 90s and early 2000s. I will be using her as a role model in my endeavor to improve myself and my community. Check her website for more info at

She was, herself, raised by a school teacher which I’m sure left an impression on her from childhood. When her own children entered school she noticed how not all children had the opportunity to receive the quality of education that others had within their reach. She became involved in making quality education achievable for all children, no matter their background. She gave several years of her time to mentoring at-risk children, as well as working to empower parents in making more choices available in educating their children.

In 2015 her family ranked #24 on Forbes list of America’s top givers. Mrs. DeVos and her husband began the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. This foundation supports education, community, arts, justice, and leadership and has contributed $11.6 million. The DeVos’ total contributions have reached $139 million. Portions of these contributions have gone to hospitals, health research, schools, missions, and free-market think tanks. They have donated to Christian organizations and missions. Her latest achievement is that of the title of United States Secretary of Education, winning by one vote which Vice President Mike Pence cast in her favor to break the 50-50 tie. I am looking forward to seeing what strides she will make in the years to come in the area of education. I don’t think I could ever be in the political field but I could certainly follow her lead in the areas of mentoring children and being more involved in environmental concerns. There are many more lives waiting to be touched by her kindness, concern and generosity.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Committed in Making Innovacare Health Great

InnovaCare Health Solutions leads the sector in providing quality healthcare packages to the less privileged people within North America. The Chief Executive Officer of the company has been Richard Shinto and started with the organization when it was referred as Aveta. To date, he has collaborated with the strong initiative team; where he has headed InnovaCare to become what it is today.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been heading the medical provider network which provides its services in the whole area of Puerto Rico. Before rejoining with InnovaCare, Shinto had filled the position of the MMM Healthcare & PMC Medicare Choice Chief Executive Officer. He moreover filled the position as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Medical Officer with Medical Pathways Management Company and the Chief Medical Officer while working with NAMM, the Californian medical services association.

Shinto obtained over 20 years of involvement in clinical human services and operational arrangements before rejoining Aveta Inc. (currently InnovaCare) in year 2008. At InnovaCare Health, Shinto propelled different productive activities that saw various underserved patients’ having the opportunity to access proper healthcare services. Under the administration of Shinto, InnovaCare has witnessed over 200,000 individuals reunite with its participation program which has over 7,500 laborers to offer services to clients.

As shown by Rick Shinto, offering proper Medicare and Medicaid is not the final stop. But the facility also involves in teaching healthcare awareness to various patients and at the same time offering support to their loved ones at whatever point their family members are under treatment. It is such sympathetic gestures from a certified MD that has witnessed Dr. Rick Shinto take the “Access to Caring Award”.

Some portion of Shinto’s triumphant secrets lay in using gifted and experienced administration team to the pillar of InnovaCare initiative. Right now he has taken more several faces to become part of his team, and among them is the correspondingly visionary and talented Penelope Kokkinides who works with the InnovaCare as the Chief Administration Officer. Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience offering healthcare solutions in different sectors. Read more on HRMR Online.

With over 200,000 individuals absorbed into InnovaCare enlistment program, the health facility remains the key provider of affordable healthcare services across North America. The association is based in Puerto Rico, and to date it has a huge team of workers not less than 7,500 specialists. InnovaCare incorporates two human administrations modes, which are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. View her infographic resume at

LifeLine Screening Is Vital For Good Overall Health

Lifeline Screening is a company that offers health screening to people that ordinarily would not have these types of screenings readily available. Most doctor’s offices do not provide these screenings as the are usually available at hospitals and testing facilities.

The costs of the screenings are usually less than one would have to pay if they went out and sought the screenings on their own. Usually, Lifeline Screening procedures are available in civic buildings or at employers facilities.

The Lifeline screenings come in three different categories. They include an ultrasound screening, a finger-stick blood test, and a limited electrocardiograph screening. All tests and screenings are non-invasive, and the latest in medical equipment is used to get the best results.

The ultrasound sends out sound waves which highlight a live view of a person’s internal organs. This is the same procedure that was used in World War II to locate enemy submarines. The uses of the ultrasound procedures include diagnosis in cardiology, obstetrics, and ophthalmology. It is possible to see the blood flow in the arteries and veins so if there is any blockage it can be determined by an ultrasound screening. Carotid artery screening in the neck is valuable as well as the ankle-brachial index test to measure any peripheral artery disease.

The finger-stick blood test uses just a few drops of blood to get a full lipid blood panel. This measures a person’s condition as far as cholesterol and triglyceride levels, glucose levels, and levels of the liver enzymes. Knowing these measurements is important as the levels of high-density, and low-density cholesterol is important. Blood sugar levels indicate a person’s status regarding diabetes.

The limited electrocardiograph shows if a person has an irregular heartbeat. This is called atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib. This condition can cause blood clots which can result in a stroke.

All of these screening results are shown in a report that is available for an individual’s personal physician. By having this knowledge, appropriate measures can be taken by a person’s doctor in the follow-up procedure when the information is received.