Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Company of Integrity

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 as a local title company serving the local surrounding area. Today it is one of the largest and most well-known wholesale title and document processing companies in America. Out of the top ten retail mortgage companies in the United States, eight of them count on Nationwide for their documents.


Nationwide enjoys excellent leadership which guides and shapes the 570 plus employees each day as they process hundreds of documents that must be totally accurate and be transmitted to the proper recipients with great efficiency. Employees a very detailed and intense training during their early days with the company, and there are many areas of advanced training that are available to them in many diverse paths depending on their desire for advancement.


The measure of success for a wholesale documents company like Nationwide rests on the speed at which documents can be transmitted to the proper parties and the accuracy of those documents. Nationwide has a failure rate of less than 1% and a compliance rate of 99.8%. These statistics translate to a near 100% rate of success in both the areas of finding the right documents and having them be the correct documents.


The importance of having the right information is supported in a recent article written by Nationwide’s Chief Legal Officer, Myron Finley. He cites a situation where title to the property had been deemed as clear and was the key to a $600,000 loan being made. Because there was information lacking about the title, it was, if fact not clear, but encumbered. In effect, there was critical information that was lacking that would have signaled a problem with the title, and the transaction would have been terminated. The result was a lawsuit that would not have occurred had a simple procedure been followed but was not.


The chain of title authenticity is the bedrock of property transactions and the validity of ownership. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. says it all with the title of the company, as they initiate the process by sourcing and validating that the proper documentation is on hand when needed to make the proper legal transfer of property, so there are no questions.


Nationwide recently published a white paper to help lenders evaluate and score the document trailing process that they use on a regular basis. The purpose of keeping track of your documentation and how it flows is a best practice that helps to stay in compliance with regulators and help maximize returns on effort expended.



Jim Hunt Of VTA Publications Wants To See People Succeed As Investors

One of the best ways to make and save money is to know options. When people are aware of their options, then they are going to have a better time achieving their goals. This is something that makes successful investors like Jim Hunt different from other investors that have tried and failed. For one thing, they have taken the time to look at all of the advantages of each market that they could invest in. Afterwards, they have looked deeply into the different types of strategies from VTA Publications that could bring about success even in the unpredictable nature of the market.

Jim Hunt is so passionate about sharing his secrets with others that he has taken the time to go on interviews. Among the publications that he has gone on interviews with is Ideamensch. This is where he is able to share his ideas through interviews. In his interviews, he is able to provide in depth answers to the questions that he is given. These answers that he has given has provided a lot of insight to people that are interested in learning how to be successful as entrepreneurs and investors according to

Among the tools that people are introduced to through Jim is Make Mum a Millionaire. This product from VTA Publications describes the techniques and methods that people can use in order to increase their income. One thing that Jim Hunt has shown is that he is willing and able to open people’s eyes to some secrets that they have been missing out on. These secrets could take any struggling investor and bring them to the level of success that they need so that they can actually pursue any other goals that they may have in relationship to their finances. With Ideamensch and VTA Publications, people are more likely to gain powerful understanding that will take their finances to higher levels.

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The OSI Group Is The Picture of Food Service Perfection

The OSI Group is premier global food provider that delights customers around the world with its concept-to-table solutions.

With over 20,000 employees the company was listed at the #58 spot on the Forbes list of largest private companies, at $6.1 billion, in 2016. It was also named an American top 100 company, and the Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, who won a Global Visionary Award presented by India’s Vision World Academy was attributed as a top reason why. Sheldon’s commitment to excellence comes from his experience in the food industry, and the business moves OSI has made are partly connected to his experience in finance.

OSI Group has also been awarded both a Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. These awards are given to companies that maintain excellence in the management of health and safety risks at work and have the highest of environmental standards. In order to even be considered for these awards, a company must achieve the maximum five stars in both the British Safety Council’s health and safety management audit scheme and environmental management audit scheme. On top of this, an independent panel of experts must confirm that the environmental management, and safety protocols are top-notch through the entire business from top-to-bottom. Since OSI Group consistently develops procedures, policies, and systems that ensure the sustainable health, safety, and environmental practices of the food service business, it was a clear choice for these awards.

OSI Group maintains that it will continue to pay an enormous amount of attention to the safety standards, health practices, and environmental concerns within every community it serves food to.

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PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Has Announced Launch of Raven Effect

This Raven Effect is going to be a part of The Jericho Network. Former WWE star Scott “Raven” Levy is behind the Raven Effect. This will move on to PodcastOne, which is the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in the nation today. This will be a weekly podcast. Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Chris Jericho is a PodcastOne host as well as wrestling superstar. The Raven Effect will be telecast Under The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne. It will feature a number of discussions that will be on current events, conspiracies, besides pop culture, politics, as well as pet peeves and simply anything else that Raven can possibly think of.



Some episodes of The Raven Effect will feature friends, besides enemies, all those know-it-alls besides the know-nothings.  Hence it will be a fun-centric hour. It is available right now. There will be new episodes each Monday on, besides on the PodcastOne app as well as on iTunes.



PodcastOne Founder as well as Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz feels that Chris has been able to brilliantly master this fine balancing of wrestling content along with other topics that include music and sports. He is able to manage the great new show called Beyond the Darkness too. This is a show that focuses on the paranormal. Hence he is expecting that The Raven Effect is going to be just another winner for The Jericho Network that will be on PodcastOne. [].



Jericho is simply too excited with having The Raven Effect as the new hit show on The Jericho Network. This is also because he has known Raven for decades. He knows that Raven is funny, intelligent, and so ridiculous, sarcastic, but totally entertaining. This fits in so well with The Jericho Network. This is going to be just another successful show here and soon to be followed by a number of new programs that are going to rock.



New podcast series have regularly debuted under this partnering of production and distribution besides product marketing.



Norman Pattiz has founded Westwood One. Under his leadership it became the largest radio network in America. It has become a provider of news, and sports, entertainment, besides talk and traffic programs to the Broadcasting Industry.

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Sam Tabar: A Man Who Keeps Busy

One thing that could be said about Sam Tabar is that he keeps himself busy. He is one person that always goes above and beyond. This is one of the reasons that he is so successful. For one thing, he does not put everything into one source. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He looks for a multitude of methods that he can utilize so that he could continue to bring in the income. As a result, he is someone that has gained a lot of skills and has learned many different things. For one thing, he has learned different languages throughout his career. Read more: Ex-Merrill’s Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

Even though Sam Tabar has worked as an attorney, he has made his success as a private investor. For one thing, he has worked in many different banks different countries such as Asia. His wisdom in financial management has gained him a lot of trust with many different people.

He has also earned enough trust to be appointed as the Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. His experience in the field include helping with front and back offices in investment banks.

One of the admirable things about Sam Tabar is that he loves women. He has a heart to help women who are faced with unfavorable situations. Among the things he loves to help with is hygiene products. This is why he makes regular donations to SheThinx.

One of the things he is involved with is helping with the empowerment of women throughout the world. One thing that women need is to be encouraged and inspired. Sam is working really hard towards a better world of equality.