Exploring the Life and Deeds of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an accomplished business mogul, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Through maintaining multiple portfolio companies, Sparks has become a force to reckon with in the business scene. Having been a C+ student, he is a living example that grades do not necessary determine a person’s success or future. However, Sparks attributes all his success including selling hundreds of millions worth of companies and products to the grace of God as opposed to his own effort.

Over the years, Marc has created a strongly founded reputation in creating dozens of startups. Some of these startups have grown into big and lucrative businesses. To him, impossible is not an option. This attribute has propelled Marc to create companies through ideas that most people view as impossible. As such, he has managed to build a portfolio of companies, which he maintains through his private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital LP.

Marc is deeply involved in the telecommunication industry. This involvement has caused him to establish networks with various companies in the industry including Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless as well as Splash Media. Aside from the telecommunication industry, he boasts of interests in other industries like business solutions, real estate and venture investing.


Apart from his high involvement in business, Marc has also displayed a knack for writing through his book; They Can’t Eat You.

Some of his successes include founding a software company and selling about $200 million worth of product in a year while his unsuccessful ventures include losing his insurance holding company that almost hit a billion dollar market cap. Hence, the book is meant to encourage those entrepreneurs who have lost hope through Marc’s experiences.


Although Marc Sparks is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, he has never let riches or wealth interfere with his humane side. He is an altruistic individual with an exceptional passion for helping the less privileged in society. He does this through a homeless shelter based in Texas, The Samaritan Inn.

The shelter lends a hand up instead of a handout to only those people who are hell-bent on helping themselves. Apart from The Samaritan Inn, Marc is also significantly involved in other charities including Dogs Matter, Mommies in Need, American Can! Academy, The North Texas Gateway Apartments, Sparky’s Kids, Carpenters for Christ, CARE, Spark Tank and many others.